Flagging suggestion


@kalishane. Is it possible to add who is flagging posts? I get some posts should be flagged, but others should not be. Adding this feature, will help, I think cut down on abuse of flagging.

Please keep this post civil. I don’t want it to be about moderation. I really want this to be looked into.

It is a question, not questioning moderation.



I 100% agree that the flagging system is abused and the only way to crack down on that is to make this change


I completely agree! We should be allowed to see who is flagging posts, and people should have direct consequences for false flagging. Perhaps it should change the system completely to a Reddit style upvote/downvote system.


Waiting for someone to flag this post…


Agreed. One person flagged a serious non game-related thread - arguably more important than anything else on this forum and some asshole kept flagging everything, i just want a name and face to know the bad person is. Hell, they could be somebody I talk to everyday and I’d never know that they’re really a disgusting and toxic person.


wont happen because the majority of the flagging is done by the mods themselves


It’s a feature of the app unfortunately it can’t be changed, although I would love for it to


Entire thread flagged. Whoever is flagging this I hope you’re causing more problems than actually solving anything and if my messages feel like a personal attck, they ARE :slight_smile:




If you’re the ■■■■■■ that’s actually flagging all of my posts, stop hiding like a fucking ■■■■■ and come into my PMs. Stop hiding and come out. This community is disgusting and you’re a part of that, you’re a disgusting human being who flags depressed people’s stuff and this message is an attack on YOU. Whoever you are, you’ll know, this is for you. I hope you know absolutely nobody likes you. If you’re a leader, a game dev, anything like that, your title deserves to be revoked and you’re making Scopely look worse I hope you know. I spent an hour making that missing character thread for you to just flag it. Who do you think you are ?


Clearly someone who wanted a reaction. And you gave it to them. This serial flagger is a menace, no doubt. But it’s pretty easy for mods to figure out who is doing it. It’ll likely take until after the weekend to get rid of them because no one is usually around. At this point you’re just giving them what they want.


Shit’s ridiculous :joy:


This forum is a big joke lol


Calling it a “forum”. I dunno, man. You’re out of line with this one. More like reddit without mods who deal with trolls.


Posts should have to be approved by a leader before they become flagged.


I’m even willing to bet that some flaggers are among us and be like “stop flagging, yo”. Mark my words.


likely wouldn’t help considering some of them are shill’s and personally insult other posters


whats bet said leader starts with an L


LadyGeek? Nah i love her were friends and talked a lot at one point wouldnt make sense for her to abuse her power like this, she also isnt this petty


not her another guy. that has locked few posts