Flagging each other and closing threads doesn't solve anything


This is the internet and human nature we will all never just ’ get along ’ people offend each other on a daily basis it’s part of life let these people talk it out instead of letting em flag each other to death like seriously this a grown folks game most of us have jobs and ID’s to buy Newports and 40’s, go to bars and strip clubs. If you don’t like what grown folks talk about or say on here go join the clash of clans forums or something


Having flags close threads is just dumb, put the poster into timeout for the hour or 4 rather then shutting the thread, or just make it so after so many flags in a thread they just can’t post in that thread anymore.


I will say this. I do have a bias growing for me by community members. If i post in a thread, it doesn’t matter what I say, people want to flag it. I will post in whatever thread I want, and share my opinions whatever they may be, and if they feel the need to flag me, then I will continue posting over and over again until I get so many flags that the thread will be locked.

Tell these people to stop with their bias and their attitude that if they don’t like what someone is saying that they have to silence them and flag their posts. I am already seeing the unfair treatment I am getting in this new forum. I agree it is bullcrap that they can’t simply ignore me if they don’t like my posts, but to unfairly flag every post of mine is ridiculous. A lot of people on this forum don’t act like grown adults though, so we will see how that works out.


Idk who tf y’all are but take your overgrown flag attracting selves to another thread and get them locked out this is not flag city go cry and moan somewhere else


People shouldn’t be flagging you for just normal posts, but it’s not a bias, it’s a reputation, people don’t like you because you were frequently a condescending jackass on the old forums and you consistently went out of your way to be contrary just for the sake of stirring up drama. I don’t agree with the flagging, but I sure do understand it.


Some people on here just flag for the sake of flagging and by these r18 whatever they call themselves guys being here I bet I got like 100 flags already and will get locked out in like 5 more minutes


Idk who is who but wherever l see R18 or something similar it becomes a flag fest like bunch of kids playing flag football.


We are the army of R18-C4G3.