Flag maps bummer

Haven’t even been posted for 5 minutes and I’m already disappointed. Trait restrictions? Really???

Used to be like this since the first day those maps were released, why are you surprised?


I would like scopely to just let us play the game. No more tricks, no more little gotchas, no more surprise we removed something that worked.

I’m guessing those flags are back because axel needs them to tier up?

The flag roadmaps were always locking out the trait they were designed for and the trait that has the advantage against it.

Since they were rolled out at the end of 6* era, they are easily beatable even by a trait-disadvantaged team with 3 good (not best) S-class toons thrown in.

And I guess it has joyhing to do with the new Axel promo, unless you meant Axel as the circular saw guy / red beheader…


I’d like to see them throw the kites out every once in a while. Just for collecting purposes I’d like to get Axel.


No. Only 3 characters that need flags to rank up are the 3 dual specialist 6*s Roxie, Axel, and Michonne.

A while back they had a stash that gave those characters out and they made note to run those maps again so players can get the flags needed to rank them up.

I like the restrictions, makes you need to consider whole new teams

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Do front the restrictions a pain but it’s doable… my gripe is the energy cost… think wound up dumping more cans than should to complete them.

Ps can get kites from then end reward crate…

Appreciate very much RNG tho… I really need blue flags for Roxie

The green map has the wrong restrictions. Should be yellow-blue not yellow-green

Was hoping they were going to release new, relevant toons that needed the items. Blah

I just hope they don’t wait as long before doing another one. It shouldn’t take months to upgrade toons. Not that I’ll ever use them on a main team but at this point they’re not even useful for level ups.

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I needed six more blue flags to upgrade Roxie. Fought my way through this dumb road map…keeping in mind my faction assistants weren’t set up for this map configuration so didn’t have lots of help…burnt a couple of cans and finally finished and guess how many blue flags I got. Anybody?

My money is on 5

You must be new here. Flag roadmaps always had trait restrictions.

It’s funny that we don’t have a Fast dual specialist with yellow flags yet.

I got just 7 red, so I bet u got the same number.

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