Fixing Translation Error

Dear @GR.Scopely,
Dear @LadyGeek,

how can we address multiple weapon translation errors?

Last incident here - Mia’s Gun - 19 days ago:
This thread has also a solution provided.

Another one here - reposted Feb 7, originally about one year ago
This one is bigger as it affects multiple weapons, probably a complete category.
Short view of the paddle says: Bonus-Def, when the HP of enemy are 60% or MORE
Close-up of the paddle says: Bonus-Def: +35% Def when hit from enemys with LESS than 60% HP

Same error seems to be with Rositas Balisong.

Please fix.

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As translation issues come in they are forwarded and brought to the attention of scopely. We encourage you to continue posting translation issues with as much detail as you can, so we can continue to work on rectifying some of these problems.

Thanks (:

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Still open.

*bump this article

Text in german… Region ES i said on support but they not made anything

I have the opposite. Game/Region is German, but These two texts are in Spanish.

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