Fixing time outs equaling a lose


I’m also planning on removing Glenn for green alpha when she is fully leveled


Give me you advice then


Would have to see your roster. Its pretty obvious that koa is wayyyy out of place. Blue carl as well if all you are doing is just tagging him along.

You got camila so you dont need him as lead unless you are fighting erika teams then yeah he is the best lead for that. I dont know what camila rush is but ill assume she can hit so that leaves you with her and shiva as your hitters.

Best advice i can tell you is to have more hitters. More damage you can put out the more quickly the fight can be over.


Do you have line I can send my roaster on there


Do you have defense down or the abs def axe for koa? If not definitely not helping. As alot now use a shield to avoid ap down mods, stun, impair, but to also force ap down in koas case. I would definitely recommend finding someone in your faction that is a good team builder and get somw advice on some setups.


My Line is bane909


But you didn’t win. So therefore you lost :thinking:


they removed loss counter…nobody loses anymore…all people are these days are winners. WooHoo!


But you attempted & failed at killing.


Step 1) Round 1, spam the biggest enemy threat OR whoever I can kill in one turn. This could be an off color toon for example.

Step 2) Press auto.

Step 3) Move on, win or lose… And this is important, don’t gaf.


This convo has already run its course you can go troll elsewhere


What is the definition of trolling anymore? It means nothing.


Imo trolling these days is just taking what everyone else has already said 15hrs ago and repeating it to seem “cool” or “funny”


The truth?


No going back over it even though the conversation is finished


As long as you keep bumping it, people will continue to tell you what you clearly don’t want to hear.


I don’t mind hearing it tbh it’s just getting a bit old now the last post was 11 hrs ago then they start up again is there a way to delete a post?


@pregolori is my other hero.


Wow bro, I can’t believe you are getting mad.


Just tag me, I can close the thread. (Some people say that’s all I ever do.)