Fixing time outs equaling a lose


30 extra seconds would make the biggest difference against 3 revivers and 2 shield teams


You should show us what teams you’re using.


Not sure this is sensible. First two - three rounds are crucial to the outcome of a battle. It might not seem it, but I find it is often getting those rounds right which is the difference between a timeout loss and an easy win.

I would rarely auto a timeout team unless I was down to the final revive and everyone dead was decapitated. I usually do it to speed up the mopping up of the last one or two.


More snowflakes wanting snowflake things. It’s people like you who gave us the snowflake filter and the takeaway of raid loss counter. If you can’t win in the time allotted it’s a LOSS, it will always be a LOSS, and if your snowflake sensitivities can’t handle that then stop raiding.


Can you actually read up before commenting or are you legitimately that stupid I have said multiple times I don’t care if I lose I would prefer to lose then time out when there is only ONE toon left on the opposing side



Buhuu wheeeeee wheeeeeeeeee stfu if you cant beat them all you lose simpel as brething


Currently working on another team atm


If your just here to troll can you get off my thread this was just an opinion m8


Swap you mods use atk mods for atk team and swap out the sheild it he dosent make you any favors in that team use impair on the blue


You obviously do care or you wouldn’t have created a whole topic to cry about losing on


Sry was on a bad mood but srly if you cant beat all you lose or else you can just stop and wait for time to run out if your are about to lose and you will never lose


The top team is my main attack team as I have stated above aswell all the mods I’ve been getting recently from everything have been crit mods I have 32 crit mods that’s I don’t use


See that’s where someone else on the thread came up with the idea that if it times out to work it out on damage delt


I’m guessing your just here to troll so I’ll let you troll


Troll? No. Tired of snowflakes, yes.


Okay m8


Those are your attack teams? No wonder you lose I mean timed out I mean stalemate I mean draw I mean complain.


The mods you are using aren’t suited for an attack team, except for Shiva. If you’re gonna run a shield on attack, all toons besides the shield should have ~2.5k - 3k attack with mods. Guardian Glenn isn’t great for an attack team either. Disarm would help also.


I’m just running with the best toons I have so far and I’m going to change the mods when I get better mods