Fixing time outs equaling a lose


I understand it completely as I said it’s just an opinion


Timeout = Loss

Having timeouts not a loss makes no sense
If u raided with a team of revives us never loose any as defence teams don’t focus attacks and would just trigger URL health+revive chains


Yes timing out equals a loss but I believe a stale mate system would work good


Whatever makes you feel better.


This is the type of ridiculousness that led to them taking away the loss counter. In competition if you don’t win, you lose. If they implemented what you want then people would stop fighting when they realize they are going to lose and just let the timer run out so they don’t take a loss. How dumb would that be?


I have an idea to solve this. Extend the timer by 30 seconds, but when the timer hits 00:30, the defending team instantly get 250% attack, 100% AP, and revive all (including recover from decap) or anything else which basically guarantees the defending team obliterates the attackers.


See this is good because I’m over losing because I’m on the last toon and it has less then 50% health and would have been destroyed in the next attack if the timer didn’t hit 0


I appreciate that it can be frustrating. I’ve lost because on x3 speed, the gamelags like f_ck when things like guardian procs.

But in all honesty, just like raid losses where you mash “attack” instead of firing a rush, or you neutralise the wrong one or miss a rush about to go off or any other stupid player error that results in your own demise, you just forget about it and move on.


Yeah I fully agree I play on x3 for most raids like I’m all for a loss if the whole team is dead but I just don’t understand why still having all your team still standing and they only have one 1 left with one attack to kill them just a bit of extra time is needed when your versing a team of maxed out 6*s


Learn to raid faster. Better weapons, change mods or different team.


I have 2 teams I use for raiding I’m not saying I lose flat out usually when I use the other team I win


It’s also a it hard to raid faster when your already at x3(max speed)


x3 might be fast, but the stupidness of AI doesn’t mean it’s the quickest way to raid


What I do is x3 for 2 turns with clicking on the character I want to attack then turn off x3 for two turns to stun/taunt and use ars that are able to be used then back to x3 for 2-3 turns ect ect


Dont raid on. Auto and with faster i dont mean x3 i mean use your hits better. Learn to beat teams in 10 turns max.


Maybe they can increase the timer by half a minute or a another full minute


Their is plenty of time. If you need more you need to change your team or get gud.


Do realize this game you play is not chess? Its not like you didnt have the chance to kill ALL of the defending team so when you dont kill ALL of the defending team that means its a loss.


What would really help in this instance is to give the win who outputs the highest amount of dmg. Idling to get an easy win will result in a loss.

So a player cant make a massive attack after the first round or during their round, then timeout to win or during any following rounds.

I’m thinking of this as a bout to bout kind of match.

The classic game rule mechanic, defender always win, even in stalemates. And since this isn’t live pvp, this rule will stand.

The only way it would change if the pvp were live player vs live player.


Bit hard with the toons I have maxed atm but I’m working on a better team that should do the job in a few turns just need the right mods atm all i seem to be getting are crit mods