Fixing time outs equaling a lose


If you cannot kill my team in the time allotted, that’s a loss, as it should be.


But it’s not because you didn’t kill the raiding team either


Even a system when it tells how many players are still standing on each side to calculate a win or a lose would be better then me killing 4 of the other team then time runs out and it’s a loss


Timeout = loss

As it should be.


It’s your job to kill the other team in the time you have to do so. If you can’t, you failed to complete the challenge. That is a loss. Eat it. Learn from it. Stop crying about it.


Exactly someone builds a defense and your job is to attack and take it down. The defense did its job it stopped you from killing all 5 toons. If you cant take down a defense you cant win a war, therefore the idea is to learn and try and make a new team that can in fact beat that squad…as others said if we would get a draw you could do a hit and let timer run out…


Thematically, I kind of thought that timeout meant you were forced to retreat. And I would consider a retreat a loss.

Or you get taken prisoner I don’t know lol.


Don’t lose


Yes just like if you are in war and cant beat a defense there’s a retrear button which equals loss even if you have more camps standing. Its not really rocket science

  1. I’m not crying 2. When you take out 4/5 toons but the last one has less then half of it’s max hp I don’t consider it a loss especially when it’s a team with two shields and 3 revives just saying something should be trialed or implemented to know how many toons have been killed


Did you kill all the other team’s toons? No? You lost. Get over it. Move forward.


This was a suggestion stop being so up tight m8


Oi m8 ya win or lose init git ya hed out ya bum wit you want a favour biscuit for givin a govnas try


Hahaha my heads in my bum is it get off the thread if you don’t like what I’m saying as i said it was just a suggestion everyone has there own opinion mine is that something should be implemented to tell who really wins by toons down and health lost but in a case like that trophies, rep and recourses aren’t gained


Gotta love it when the community finally comes together to ridicule someone who’s saying dumb sh*t :joy::joy::joy:


If you dont win, it’s a loss. How is that hard for you to understand?


So you’re saying is you want the game to acknowledge you defeated a few of their toons but not all of them but you still get treated like it’s a loss because you don’t gain anything.


What did we learn today? OP can’t handle a loss.


I swear youse can’t read I clearly said I don’t care if I lose it’s timing out that gets on my nerves


What I’m saying is instead of making it a loss they should come out with a stale mate system