Fixing time outs equaling a lose


It would be better if when you timeded out against a team you didn’t lose rep because technically you didn’t lose or win just the time ran out

Fixing being knocked out of top 10 not get 10 rewards

The goal of raids is to win in the time provided. If you can’t win in that time frame, you lose. You earned that loss. It doesn’t matter now since no one can see your losses.


Why are people always so obsessed with rep? It’s about as useful as the museum collection score.


Losing isn’t the problem if I lose I lose but timing out and losing my rep because of it I don’t think is fair some people have some great teams and versing them teams when all members of both teams are still standing I could call a stale mate


I keep trainer teams up 24/7 outside war to drop rep as raiding is quicker then


I can’t remember the last time I lost a raid from my team dieing pretty much every loss is a timeout now


I don’t care about losing the rep if all the members of my team die but 0 deaths on either side is when it starts getting on my nerves


Yeah I lose maybe once a day from other people raiding me


They should just increase the raid timer to the same as the war timer. Then we would see less zero damage timeout teams.

It wont be long before we start to see a reduction on them. The more disarms and decaps that get into players hands will force the change.

Next events toon really should be a def down and focus to all toon.


Right, so if I’m going to lose, I can just wait and not lose anything.


But wouldn’t those about to lose just stop playing and let the timer settle them for a non-win (which sounds a lot like a loss…)

Gonna need to pull out the shovel to clear off all these snowflakes. Sure been a lot of them lately.


Instead of losses they should have gotten rid of rep lol. Still don’t understand why ghosting is allowed after 3 years of playing.


Don’t ignore the fact I won a raid when the timer hit exactly 0 seconds left was crazy lucky


Does anyone do that tho imo they just flee if they are going to lose


They would if it wouldn’t get a loss. They flee cause its the same end result.


They need to fix the 5 second time out raids. Happen about once a week!!


Woah woah!! Easy now…im sure someone had a similar idea when they were talking about language in general chat… you start talking crazy like that and everyone will get trophies just for attempting a raid and if you beat somebody, you’re not allowed to raid for 24 hours


Part of making a timeout team is making your team last the entirety of the raid. Possibly extending timer to same as wars would be a fair request but taking it away all together, nah. Do you wanna spend 10 min + trying to beat 1 team that is likely double health, 75% defense, 50%attack boost ? I mean if you were in war the war would be over by time you got out. You need to make a setup to beat these teams. None are unbeatable. Sometimes thinking outside of your normal attack styles can surprise you.


I didn’t say anothing about trophies I just mean to stale mate it so neither side wins but if you flee then you lose so if you time out it doesn’t count as a win or a lose 0 rep lost


I didn’t say anything to do with removing the timer I’m saying to End it in a draw so neither side wins either gains or loses rep