Fixing being knocked out of top 10 not get 10 rewards

Say if you are in the top 10 in say, a level up. And people score more than you and puts you in 30th place. It’s not fair that you don’t get the top 10 prizes because I was too 10 at one point so it should count.
(Preparing the whoosh image now)

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What does this even mean

Basically I hate it when I get knocked out of the top ten by the end of the event so I should just get the rewards anyways

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This is either
A bait post
The most entitled bs I’ve ever seen


Fixing time outs equaling a lose

Well it’s more of either a failed parody post BC people haven’t read that stupid bs or a double whoosh and you have and now I’m responding with being whooshed

Maybe we’re all being whooshed

I agree. 30 seconds after this event started, I was first in my region’s LU with a score of 153,000. Therefore, even though I’ll probably drop to somewhere below 30th by the end, I clearly should get the 1st place rewards.


Yeah it’s only fair. Your move scopes!!!


Participation ribbons for everyone!

(Yes I get the point of this thread)

wait! so if I get to the top spot… then get knocked down to 2nd… then get back to first… I should totally get two lots of 1st place rewards? I’m on board with this idea!! gimmie stuffs! :smiley:

cool idea the region an work together and everyone can come first then


it sucks to be victimized by time snipers, time sharks, or clock watchers. Too bad there isn’t a Buy it Now option like in ebay.

At least there are the milestones but sometimes i wish they really go beyond by giving extra milestone tiers to help compensate some of the loss from being bumped out from the top 10.

Yes it would make it hard to get all milestones but as it is, just completing all milestones alone will never really get you top 10 anyways.

Lol. Took me a sec to realize it was a joke hahahaha. Was preparing myself to get a suspension flaming out on this hahaha. Damned millennials

Damn kinda wish you did :joy::joy::joy:. I put so much effort into a whoosh diagram and haven’t been able to use it

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F*CK it I put too much effort into this to not share it’s beauty with the world


Can we apply this to all events? If we are first to fill and on war board can we then get 1st? No need to finish war people we won, fastest to fill.

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I’m first at some point in almost every event. Sweet!

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############ #### ######## ###########!!!

yep, that’s my thoughts on it

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