(Fixed) Problem with recent offer


I purchase this offer but never got the toon



If you look at the offer carefully, it was 5% chance of the toon and 95% chance of 8250 coins. There are several threads here about it.


The 2 items in the offer are the bag with either Erika or the coins and the prestige points.


Welp you should go back to school. Learn to read


Hahaha yeah I didn’t look at it close enough


Still very misleading and pure scopely regular.


It’s not that misleading. You need to get real if you think scopely would offer a six star version and 8250 coins for a six star… let alone a six star that is Erika or violet. Come on now. They just sold a Eugene who was free for $100 as a five star.


Yes it isn’t misleading if you already know how this company works and makes offers like this that are misleading because they have done it so many times. Your just all used to there scams.

Always read the fine print with scopley even if there is no fine print.


Never take the jump without looking how high it is. In this case you flatlined a franklin lol


They actually offers 6* versions of Alpha and Herschel for $75 maybe 3 months ago … but your right. No way they would give revives for just a $100.


If erika was a $100 stright my cheap self may have done that i have magna with no good def leader or revive


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