(FIXED) Last Pathways roadmap on route

Lol don’t know why this surprises me but it does

Total CRAP. A lot of people were waiting on those for the last go

Total bs, I know a lot of people who needed the last maps to get piper, guess they’ll have to spend


Oh well… wasn’t going to give these crooks any $.


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Damn, thanks again scopely for ruining fun


Guess that was the holdup on coins

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I’ve been locked out since the war fiasco. was hoping they would fix my account before all the items I had worked for expired

Seems as good a time as any to retire from this bs.

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They still selling the roadmap energy but no roadmaps …

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I needed them last maps!!!


Same!!! Ugh

I’m so ■■■■■■■ kissed like u

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I asked that a week ago. Silence, no answer, calendar announcement said 31 July.
This is why we are so pissed!
Working 1 month for a toon and miss it cause Scopely’s employees have no clue how many days are in one month.

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Guess this post was wrong then… chrome

Pissed* like seriously

Hey guys,

Just a quick one to confirm the last occurrence of the Pathways map is on route to the game :wink:

Thanks again for bearing with us.

#FullyBaked :pancakes:


Thank you jb

Thank you

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Just make sure those coins are distributed even if it breaks the game… make the game at least end with a little happiness

My Lucille’s better still be there lol

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