Fix your game, scopely (territory problem spreading to rest of game)


This is what happens when you ignore people’s pleas for 1-2 years about fixing the territories crashes, now pretty much any action (or no action at all!) will cause the game to reset. It is Awful. It is not limited to “low end devices”. And it needs to be addressed.

Fix your game, scopely.


The bugs are appearing all over and the crashing definitely seems to spreading to other features!!
Lately I’ve been having the game crash in the middle of Faction Assault now! So have at least 6 of my faction mates along with another 15 to 20 ppl that I know in my region.

The last time we ran FA, the game froze and crashed on me twice. The first time was almost as soon as I started to attack. I got 3 hits in then it froze and crashed.
The 2nd time was by far the worst to date! I had cleared phase 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and right as the victory screen was about to pop up at the end of the 5th phase, the stupid game froze up and crashed on me. When it reloaded I went straight back to the FA menu to check the leaderboard and I didn’t get any credit for clearing it. It showed I had ZERO points still :angry:, but for some reason it showed the stage was cleared.
So not only did I get screwed out of the million plus points from it but my best team was unusable for 24 hours.

Another place it’s been freezing and crashing on me lately is in Survival Road events. The game crashed on me 6 times during the last SR event! And it crashed 2 times in row right after I had bought a refill, go figure.

I’ve also had it start crashing in the middle of a War battle, it happened 4 times yesterday. It’s also been crashing in Raids and World Stages too just not as often as it does in FA, Survival Road and of course the worst being Territories.

This is unacceptable, they’ve known Territories has been bugged since day one, yet it still crashes multiple times daily. But now that it seems to be spreading to other features, it needs to be addressed and fixed like yesterday!
Bc I’m sick and tired of buying refills and having the game crash and screw me out of what I paid for! Then to have “support” add insult to injury by refusing to help. If they can see that it crashed and can see I bought refills, why can’t they at the very least compensate me with a refill?! Other games do!!!
I play a lot of mobile games, and when stuff like this happens like loss of NRG after purchasing a refill due to crashes and you contact them about a issues, their in game support will immediately compensate you for what you’ve lost without even being prompted to do so. But not this game?! Something needs to be done.

[edit] It’s not my phone! It’s the game! I just purchased a brand new phone thinking it would fix the crashes and bc I wanted a new one and it didn’t.


They don’t care. They’ll just create another OP toon without thought for balance and watch the whales go in for a feeding frenzy.


Cool, try asking your faction mates.


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