Fix You Got Lucky #Thread2


Old thread has closed now :frowning: need to keep this one going.

This needs to be addressed and keep being addressed otherwise it will never get fixed. It is absolutely ridiculous that the you got lucky scavenger mission is so much less common if you complete the gold missions. I’m sure there are lots of other people with this issue and I don’t see how it is a level playing ground for everyone considering 90% of the events are level up tournaments. This has been an issue for YEARS and can be resolved very easily. Just create a new tab on the scavenger camp for prestige missions so you can see them all and when they refresh. Why should some players be at an MASSIVE advantage because they haven’t completed missions surely it should be the other way around. Please can you leave a comment down below showing your support so maybe this might get addressed.
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Or they can keep the vague system and do nothing

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Just had an 11 day stretch with no xp scav mission. Makes hitting milestones either very expensive or just not worth bothering with. That latter feeling is gradually becoming how I view the entire game.

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They will never fix it. They sure as hell won’t acknowledge it.

In fact if they did make a change something tells me it would just get worse.


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If im correct they said the coding for it was to extreme for their team to mess with

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You got lucky should never have been tied to a certain number of gold missions.


They need to make another mission. 150k xoxo, since the meta has shifted. And it costs more for 6*, then they could code it themselves and maybe it wouldn’t be inconsistent af. Longest I’ve went without one was 18 days… and of course we had about 48 level ups during :roll_eyes:


I agree.


Still waiting for that fix like for 6* Hershel


Yoooo @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


I personally have no problems with this mission. Sometimes it pops up later than usual, but otherwise not much serious.


You have to understand the whole story about how doing gold missions (which seems like an obvious good thing to progress) actually causes YGL (one of, If not the most important scavenger missions) to show up less


This has led to a counterintuitive chart made by the players to work around this strange programing.

(Click the image below to see the whole thing, it doesn’t appear to show it all on my device)


Legend has it that no one know how the scav camp programming works. It was done by a programmer that has since left scopely and they can’t figure it out so they just leave it be


Or just change the cooldown timers for all missions to 12 hours. Doesn’t take any understanding of anything else so there’s no excuse. It’s not the real fix but will help alot.


Best advice is start your game over and not complete the gold missions, i did , and yes it was a great account. Games easier when u start in a brand new region


If you have experience it would be no problem you getting into the number one faction in that region


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This is what happens every time. People get a chance to vent and then they move on. Only a few try to keep the topic alive, but in the end even they end up letting it go. Every one needs to keep coming back at minimum every level up, more really, even if it’s only to repeat what you’ve already said.

Going days without any new replies will only encourage them to do nothing. I still believe they won’t anyway, but i can’t help but hope. Especially with the horrible new level up structure. Hoped it would only be for the cupcake event, but it seems its a permanent thing now… But because of it we NEED YGL fixed worse than ever before.

Tbh, I think they need to add few new higher XP missions in addition to fixing YGL. Maybe have a 250k one that’s available every 3 days, while YGL should be always available. Yes I know i ask too much…

All scav missions desperately need a total overhaul really. But fixing YGL should be the priority here