Fix You Got Lucky Thread #5

Here we go again time number 5. Old threads have closed now :frowning: need to keep this one going.

This needs to be addressed and keep being addressed otherwise it will never get fixed. It is absolutely ridiculous that the you got lucky scavenger mission is so much less common if you complete the gold missions. I’m sure there are lots of other people with this issue and I don’t see how it is a level playing ground for everyone considering 90% of the events are level up tournaments. This has been an issue for YEARS and can be resolved very easily. Just create a new tab on the scavenger camp for prestige missions so you can see them all and when they refresh. Why should some players be at an MASSIVE advantage because they haven’t completed missions surely it should be the other way around. Please can you leave a comment down below showing your support so maybe this might get addressed.
Thank you for reading, I hope you have a great day


Tell them you are getting loads of free coins from all the other scav missions and maybe they will close them all off except YGL.

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Funny thing is it does actually cost them money for it to stay broken. If it popped up as much for me as it does those that didn’t complete all the missions I’d spend to take it off cooldown and complete it a couple times a levelup, but alas I see it maybe once every 2 weeks when lucky.

Oh here comes another thread, this one will be closed soon too! :v:

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