Fix You Got Lucky Thread #4

It is not a rumour that the dev team stated they could not change the underlying code without ruining the game.
It is not too far a stretch to believe that original developer left the building and their coding style was a mess causing the next in line to not understand it. Therefore writing new code on top ignoring previous code.
Scopely has\had great turnaround of staff read glass door reviews. Iugo seems to no longer play a major role in the game development.
Stating matter of fact that it is false, ask yourself why no Dev\moderator has never flat out said it’s false.

This coding website basically describes this whole game and the problems that are constant. Maybe they should take this to the team?

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I just don’t know how making this possible for everyone is a better solution. Every levelup would always be won by whales with coins, instead of how it is now where someone can hoard and make a run for it without coins.

But main issue here is that different players have different chances.
Some have YGL up constantly, some not.
et it for all, or make it available for all. Or del*ete it for all…


Funny del*ete (without the ) seems to be an auto flag word…hehehe

All imma say is #4 is beyond lowball…Probably at 40 or 400 :stuck_out_tongue: before i quit nm now…

Wrong. So wrong. The following was posted by @Agrajag who is/was a scopley employee.

Even still this is a poor excuse as to why it can’t be fixed. If necessary scrap the whole damn thing and start over from scratch this way everyone will be on an equil footing. On the plus side, they can get rid of the useless missions and come up with ones that fit the current meta and make some coins in the process when people decide to refresh them.

If they don’t want to do that they could just reset every player back to gold mission one.

Finally, the worst case scenario they could just make it mandatory for everyone to have to complete gold mission 20 before YGL unlocks instead of 10 as it currently is. That way we can all suffer together. :smirk:


Just turn cyclops into an xp scav would probably solve it. I get that stupid scav all the time.

I stand corrected. I was going from LGs post in a previous thread, but i didn’t remember her being corrected. Apologies. I’ll try to attach a screenshot of the post I’m referring to.

Regardless, it doesn’t have to take any major recoding to solve this. As you pointed out, we’ve discussed several alternatives that would level the playing field again, all of which should be pretty easy to pull off. It was easy enough to make finishing the 10th gold mission a requirement…

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Making it possible for everyone would just give us a level playing field. My point was that he had the option and used it. I, and many others, NEVER have that option…ever. Just saying that if some people have that option, everyone should have that option. Or fix it so no one can do that. Make it required to finish gold mission #20 and then everyone suffers the same.

I’d prefer if they just reset us all back to the first gold mission tho. I’m not one who would coin complete, but it sure would be nice to not have to nearly deplete every resource just to make my milestones.

Im actually less concerned about people who coin it to win like i described, than i am about how i have to farm constantly, and do 90% of my leveling manually, while others just keep running YGL. They don’t have to worry about survivors, shirts and gloves, food, etc. They don’t have to spend hours prepping, and then hours leveling.
Myself and many others do.

I just want a level playing field. And in this era of 6*, having YGL handy at all times is nearly essential, esp for f2p who can’t buy up trainer offers. So even though whales could still put up millions of points in a few seconds, i do think making it avail to everyone at all times is the right thing to do.


what would it change the players that pay for the game to continue will just be able to win still so it has no effect what you are saying and if you do not pay then you should have to do farming to get levels up

Ummm… I think you should go back and read my last 2 posts again. If that still doesn’t help you understand, I suggest you go back and reread the previous 3 or 4 threads on the subject. (Or any of the many others created over the last few years)

It’s not about coining. Its about a level playing field.

if i am paying for the game then why should i be on a level playing field with you who is not paying if this is the case then what am i paying for :thinking:

What would change is that everyone if they wanted could get these impossible milestones, that have rewards needed to give spenders a fight.

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You’re kidding, right? Your logic would mean that you should get offers and not me. You should have items available in the store, not me.

We don’t buy the ability to use YGL. Just speed it up. All I’m saying is that everyone should be given the same options. Whether they choose to spend on those options is up to each individual.

You are being far too selective and trying to force focus away from the point. Again, go back and read, please.


Level up tournament is a cool idea just not in a pay to win game.

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