Fix You Got Lucky Thread #3

Old threads have closed now :frowning: need to keep this one going.

This needs to be addressed and keep being addressed otherwise it will never get fixed. It is absolutely ridiculous that the you got lucky scavenger mission is so much less common if you complete the gold missions. I’m sure there are lots of other people with this issue and I don’t see how it is a level playing ground for everyone considering 90% of the events are level up tournaments. This has been an issue for YEARS and can be resolved very easily. Just create a new tab on the scavenger camp for prestige missions so you can see them all and when they refresh. Why should some players be at an MASSIVE advantage because they haven’t completed missions surely it should be the other way around. Please can you leave a comment down below showing your support so maybe this might get addressed.
Thank you for reading, I hope you have a great day.


Wow, can’t believe this is the 3rd iteration of this post and still zero response.

I’m right there with you bud, it’s been over 3 ½ weeks since I’ve seen YGL and well over a month and half since I’ve seen the 60k XP mission Bricks & Mortar. And all 4 of my camps are at lvl 20 and all gold missions are completed.
Something seriously needs to be done to address all these broken and bugged Core Features! It’s messed up that they keep getting ignored in favor of Pancake Parties and crap that doesn’t really benefit the majority of players. But I guess we just have to “Keep Surviving”.


They can fix this is a second. They just don’t want to. They must think the people affected by this unfair problem buy their stupid overpriced trainer “deals”.

I sure as hell don’t and I never will either. I just pick and choose which level ups I want to go for and ignore the rest since they run 24/7 there is no reason to participate in all of them.


Cheeky bump while, everyone is on the forums angry about the other dumb changes scopley have just made.

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Said it before, why is the list of available missions not just all of them at their various stages of refresh.

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No reason to participate in all? How about you get more rewards if you do?

I agree, to do the gold scavs and get ygl less frequently is the wrong way around. I also feel that the scav mission rewards need revising too. Not that I’m ungrateful for anything that’s free in the game :wink:

How about you wait for the right one and collect all the rewards you actually need instead of wasting points on “rewards” you don’t need.

They run a level up 24/7 so there is never a need outside of a contest to participate in every single one.

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I never thought it was broken to be fixed anyways…at least not for me.

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If you stopped doing the gold colored missions after the 10th to unlock ygl your literally golden. You will get ygl on a regular basis.

If no one told you to stop and you complete all 20 (you know because it’s a game and one would assume the more missions beat the better the rewards but no you would be sadly mistaken) you are now at a huge disadvantage because you added a metric crap ton of additional missions into the queue. Each one of them making it that much harder for ygl to appear. It’s so bad in fact that you can go now go entire weeks sometimes more without getting a single ygl and scipley won’t fix it or say squat about it either.


If they cant fix it then put the gold coin missions in our rotation

I get at least 2 a week…one week i got 5…so i am not bothered…but that other mission for level up i do not get so much…you know, the one that needs hunters and leaders for a small amount.

Ygl is working well. Just you need to finish also other missions, not only skip them. Especially you should finish 60 k and short prestige missions. If you don’t do it you wait longer for YGL. Also I try to do green 1-3 hrs missions. Once I wait for YGL two weeks, but since I start to playing that way I have them 2/3 times per week.

Not compared to those who get it to pop back up as soon as the cooldown is done. 2-3 if you’re really fortunate doesn’t sound as good as 5-7 a week.

There’s a difference between having a need and having a reason. The rewards are pretty much always useful which means there’s a reason to participate in every lvl up so I wouldn’t call it wasted points unless the rewards were battle items or something equally useless. That being said you can of course skip some if that’s necessary to put up a decent score in one with extra good rewards.

And how are these rewards pretty much always useful? Lower milestones at the moment have league token, elite item token (lol) and gear markers. Rankings have RNG mod crates, mod scraps and 5* token.

What actually is appealing there? What helps you progress?

I mean for sure you can land a lucky mod drop. But from my experience almost all of the time you get crap. And I personally felt I always had to put more resources (in terms of gear) than I got out of it. 5* token at this stage are a joke. The wheel is mostly garbage and you only need these toons for Levelup and Ascension anyways.

At the rate that ascendable toons are trickling in for non-spenders at the moment, I’d argue that there is almost no real downside in not participating. I basically don’t have toons that are worth leveling and/or ascending. So I just relax and keep my TGs running, hoard stuff for a decent Levelup and aim for top 3.

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:arrow_up: This person gets it. That’s the smart way to play.

In my best week I had 5 + 2x 60 k mission.
But at the same week I done few 4and 8 hrs missions and 16 hrs prestige missions. Usually I don’t do them.
And 2 YGL per tournament are enough to help win it.

Only way to get good mods is to get so many that eventually you have to get a good one, rng mods appeal to no one really, but since that’s the way they are mostly dispensed, gotta just get as many as possible and hope for that rare atk/atk set and ignore the 30 crit set bleed resists.