Fix Willie please!

Well I know you already know about this scopley but I will mention some of the major problems with Willie for those who don’t .
1- Willie weapon ain’t working (the every turn heal)
2- Willie hp bar is bugged

Anyway I know you are working on it but I just want to ask you nicely to take my review about him and maybe update his card like what you did with Lilly (by the way it was very nice of you to do that)

Well I just want to say a t3 active skill is just too slow in this era where most of toons have a turn 1 active skill
I am not asking to give him a turn 1 AS cause that won’t make any sense . But a turn 2 is ok and a cool down of 2 would be nice too .

In addition to a minimum change to his rush please replace the stun with anything else or add bleed , crosshair , … Even if it’s a 300 bleed

Cause we all know the stun is going to be resisted 90% of times

Willie as he’s now is ***** I am not gonna say useless but I would say there are many better options .

Please I want to experience new tactics in game but I don’t want to struggle too much while trying to do that .
Cause that will definitely kill all the entertainment .

Thanks and have a nice day

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yes listen to this random guy scopely

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Turn 2 AS will mean he can auto KO any 2 toons of his choice on turn 2 when on an attack team (with a command). His T3 AS is the only thing keeping him balanced.
Change the cool down to 2 turns fair enough, but not the initial.


If you want his active to be turn 2 you dont understand how he works :relieved:


I believe that effect only works for Walker, for Pvp only the first turn and that’s it!!!

This wepows are not any different from his…

They all say every turn but only for Walker is applicable ,for Pvp only 1st turn is applicable.

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You need to check a doctor your eyes ain’t working as intended lol
There is a big difference between at the beginning of each wave and at the beginning of each turns

Lol , really how is that possible he only applies 2 penalties one of them is stun so we can say he only applies one penalty 99% of the time . So the trauma will multiple by 1 most of the time unless you are creative to do more .
And 4k is nothing when you face teams with 12k hp per toon .
Not to mention trader will never be effected by this.

Well if they don’t fix this I will stick to my Priya who are absolutely a beast killing all defenses by T2 no Matter what your defense is .

Don’t get me wrong .I am not facing any troubles with attack but just getting sick of using Priya for months that’s it .

I want to see more variety in attack

You need to read it carefully man before saying anything it clearly says at the beginning of each turn not each wave

Lilly active is a lot more beneficial but that heal reduction wasn’t the main part for me to make her even more valuable was to place crosshairs on the toon then the maim causing decal to occur.

Willie is solid on an attack team with the right set up.

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But you have 4 other toons on your team that should be applying status effects and debuffs. Unless you are running a duo T1 Aarav team with 15/35s everywhere, I can’t think of a successful attack team that doesn’t have debuffs or status effects. There are also burn and bleed mods too that are very easy to add to any toon.

Out of toons I use regularly that will be applying status affects T2 that will last into T3:
Hengyen - applies stun, bleed and crosshairs
Priya - confuse, impair and daze
Princess - Normalise and taunt
Lilly - Def down and heal block
Zander - Disarm
Doc - (often ready to go again if I get to T3) impair and taunt
Mercer - stun
These toons can also have burn and/or bleed mods added into the mix too.

These are 4 of 5 attack teams I use currently (the other was a Ivanova one I seem to have deleted in game):

Funnily enough, that Priya team is the weakest attack team of the lot, its primarily set up for quick arena wins due to 4 surrounding 15/35s with a Priya centre but needs Doc and Zander in place of Guo and Lilly to hold up in War, Raids and Onslaught. It’s Doc and Zander, my two 6 stars, that are ironically my go-to, not Priya.
It’s the latter 2 teams that I find are currently my most effective and I use them a lot, Mercer led team for any Mercer/Jacki/Angel teams and Lilly for the rest. I use the Carl team still because it was my staple team for ages and Hengyen sh.ts all over any revivers or any blue.
With all the collectables available currently and the event and free toons released its definitely possible to breathe new life into teams that are becoming monotonous to play.

Edit: I keep getting annoyed at myself that I still haven’t swapped the Doc and Zander round on my Lilly team since they are in the wrong place compared to what I’m naturally used to swiping as you can see from the other teams - in fact I’m going to do it now before I forget again.

(Btw I was showing these teams in relation to the variety in attack comment not particularly about Willie)

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