Fix Vet Rings Already

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We just had an update to the game 22.1.0 and for some reason using Vet Rings to clear Level Up milestones is still bugged!! This is Unacceptable, Vet rings have been out for months now yet you still haven’t done a thing to Fix the issue at all.

This is a Core Game Function and should be top of the list to get fixed. This is simple fix, it’s not like the “Broken for 3 years straight Territory bugs”. There’s no reason why this should still be an issue. But if course it is :roll_eyes:

Players have all these vet rings that they want and need to use to clear milestones to get the things we need, but EVERY TIME you do you don’t get your milestones.

Personally I’ve been fighting with “support” (For Weeks) trying to get what I’ve earned. But of course they’re less than helpful. I’m missing milestone’s from the current level up as well as 3 others. I know I won’t get them but I’m not gonna let up on them about it until this is fixed.

So could you ppl Please take this to the team, Fix Your Game already.


I dodnt know vet rings helps in milestones

how.much did they give

15k points per level, if you max a toon with vet rings you can get 450k points.

What milestones?

In level up tourney, if you surpass a milestone using vet rings, you will not receive the milestone rewards.

I think you do. Just level again with a regular toon

Tried that still didn’t get them but I got the following milestone then was told I received the missing milestone :joy:

Ohh okay

Since you know of the issue, like I do, just remember to check where you’re at before using rings. Not like they’re given out at random. Agreed it should be fixed, but in the meantime it’s easily avoided.

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Well looks like for yet another time I’m gonna get screwed out of the rewards I earned :roll_eyes: Bc this is the exact same BS they fed me last time.

Just more lip service as per usual.

they wont fix it cos it doesnt affect them it only affects players.

You/we mean nothing to them we are an annoyance that they wish would just STFU and give them free access to our bank accounts.

just like they wont fix terrs, wont fix raid points in tournaments or anything else that only has an impact on the player base.

You can bet your life on it though that if everytime you used a vet ring or attacked a terr and it crashed it credits you 100 coins that would be fixed within an hour or 2

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I shall bring this item to the team for a fix.


To the team!


Scoplely wants us to pay for every little thing but in return we should expect to get quality customer service but of course they are little to no help at all this is by far one of the biggest problems with this game and it needs to change @GR.Scopely

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Worked for me

Can you please PM me your account code and if you have any picture or videos of the issue so I can speed things up with the team?

  1. Got 51k from leveling up
  2. Maxed 2 toons with vet rings
  3. Leaderboard:
  4. Leveled up another toon for 9k
  5. Leaderboard:
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