Fix transfers immediately.... please

The transfers should be fully open for a week with a one week cool down. There are strong players in wave 3 and there are weak players in wave 1. Let people decide for themselves.
Edit: actually I would prefer for transfers to be open fully.


Full stop. Or period for the Americanas. Post thread.


That too sounds good. Just trying to find a middle ground that will appease the scope

Just go back to what was…

If they want to merge regions, do it slow, do it small, don’t mess up the rest of everyone’s transfers outside of the closing regions.


There shouldn’t be this system in the first place, it wasn’t in the pu list of changes and almost no one complained.

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I dont understand this? Is it Europeans talk? Canadian maybe?

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Full stop. Sentence end. Lol. And British!


Is it tea time?

I’m so offended by this blantant stereotype I almost spat out my tea


Pip pip cheerio

Why simply allow transfers when u can do wave 1 , 2 , 3 and a half charge six bucks for all.add a shark pinata and some tequillla… viva la scopely idgaf … no idea about any of this il transfer when I can… wave 1 2 3 woo hoooo what basic easy simple task will they find a way to complicate and ruin next ?? War? We all love war why not run it for a whole 2 months straight but only for some regions… then we cancel war for the normies so … nvm… I hate u scopely

I seriously cannot follow their logic ever

It’s disconcerting to agree with you lol

U will come to love me… they all do :wink:

I’d like a lot more info about regions to make a sensible choice about where to move to if they aren’t going to forcibly merge regions for us. No way is low, medium or high at all helpful.

Basic things like a summary of region rankings in crw (when the whole thing isn’t broken). Top reps. Number of players actually active. Top scores in Tournaments. Or if that is too difficult, at least let us skip the mandatory tutorial if we are scouting.

That kind of thing would help.

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There is a spreadsheet floating around with info similar to some of what you are asking, hopefully someone who has it will provide info on how others can get it. I have seen it but I can’t locate it now, sorry.

This is dumb…wave 3 people can only move to wave 1 (at a later date) if they move to wave 2…assuming that they correctly pick a wave 2 region that will actually be eligible for transfer in the next round of transfers and mid-level factions in wave 1 can’t go somewhere that they can be more competitive…and 48 hours really isn’t enough time to properly research the potential regions…this will not fix anything…We will see a lot of people retiring if this is really how the transfers go…

I am constantly amazed at how little scopely cares about what the players want (unless they are dropping a ton of cash on the game of course…and even then there is only mild concern from scopely)

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Our region is not even on the lists to transfer…so stop complaining

Thanks, It’s good players do that, but Scopely should have this info available in-game I think.

A bit like the spreadsheets on weapons players had to make for themselves.

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