Fix the Ultra gear map!


This has to be a bug because every time I get two golden bags, it only gives me the original reward, and not a bag or talkie. What the heck?! I wasn’t going to post this, but I’m tired of trying to farm because of that. Two gold bags means you’ll get a schoolbag or talkie, in which the server becomes confused saying I didn’t get it. Please fix this @kalishane


Did you still get 2 lots of that gear or just one?


I’m not sure I understand your question, but I only got one of the gear for the original stage instead of a schoolbag or talkie. I always get either or when i get two gold bags.


Ah okay. 2 bags doesn’t guarantee a walkie or bag, you could get 2 scopes etc. But, if you are only getting one of those, it doesn’t seem right


That’s what I’m saying :cry:

This is a major bug smh…

They need to fix this


what golden bags? i didnt get any golden bags. am i missing out or something?


I’ve never seen them either, (because I just autofarm) but I think it’s the bags that drop when you kill a toon in the stage. Right when the opponent turns black and they drop food etc.


The Ultra rare bags that enemies drop when you use drop leads


Seeing two gold bags on the floor at the end of the 5th wave always gives me a bag or a walkie. 1 gold and 1 gray always gives me supply points


That’s what I’m saying, but it doesn’t give me the bag or talkie. Hahaha


That’s weird as hell. I’m surprised so few people noticed that patter tbh. When I see that grayish bag I’m always like “fuck me”


Scopley doesn’t like me which is why my games glitched. All talkies and one Carrie from the wheel all event. XD


Ewwww no thank you


Wait what? I was telling you what I got from the wheel. What’s eww about it? Unless you’re referring to Carrie. I’m grateful I got something decent out the wheel.


Tagging @Agrajag and @Shawn.Scopely for visibility.

Sounds like a bug so, you’re seeing a gold back at the end of the level and then you get something else that doesn’t come in a gold bag – in this case, what are you seeing? What’s the original reward?


I normally don’t look at the screen when farming worldmaps


Example: The original reward was a briefcase, and I ended up getting two gold bags from enemies drops, and when I completed level I just got the one briefcase original reward instead of a talkie or school bag


Well when you got two gold bags, you got one briefcase, did you also get supply points with that? That would have been a gold bag reward I think. Hope this gets figured out soon although I have never noticed this.


Next time I’ll have to screenshot a pic of it because this is ridiculous. I always used to get bags and talkies from two gold bags, but now I just get the original reward.


The gold bag rewards are always gear, gray bag rewards are always supply tokens.