Fix the Territory Walker issue


Every Region is suffering from Walkers filling the map, its making this game unbearable. Its not that hard to figure out a solution get of your ass Scopely


easiest solution is to lower the amount of walkers occupy the territory significantly to encourage people to attack those places.


Give league trophies for killing the walkers. So each energy you use we get trophies. Otherwise nobody cares.

  • trophies for holding territories.

  • trophies for taking territories.

there are so many things that can be done, but will it ever be done? looking at the bugs that bother territories seems that noone cares.

main bug is that when taking a territory by two different factions when attacking at the same time there is a reboot in the game and mostly after that you cant attack a territory because it says that all teams are being attacked, even though sometimes its not the fact.



People are quitting because of this. It’s probably their plan.


this and yawnslaught


many of us have provided vast amount of feedback, suggestions and screenshots already about this issue. I’m not sure if they will change it but I can confirm that people are extremely frustrated and this has caused major rifts between players within and between factions. It has caused many to completely forgo participating in territories and have pushed people to the brink of retiring. I don’t think leagues intended this to happen but this is what it has done. If they don’t plan to fix or remedy the problem, I forsee players taking a break or retiring because they can’t stand this part of the game. I know I’m tired of dealing with this and it has taken a toll on me personally.


I only go there for the crits. Other than that it is total shit show and i don’t want to be bothered with it. Which is much like it was before for me. I personally wish they would scrap territories until they can fix the crashing and all this other bullshit then maybe bring it back.


It’s an issue but not a deal breaker for me personally. I am more pissed off with crap like faction onslaught


Word from a source is the fix is in the next update.


Simple fix imo… if you attack you are forced to place a team, or you can attack without placing a team in a faction mate has a team in. If the territory is captured you can’t withdraw the team for an hour.


The best fix is to just remove trophies from territories. They won’t give player vs player trophies for walkers.


After watching and testing for a couple of weeks this is what I see. If no one tries to take a territory within 3-4 minutes after the shield drops it automatically goes to walkers if there’s a low ranking team placed. Originally we thought that factions were dropping and let it go to walkers but I don’t think that is the case, most of the time.


Now running into the problem of decreasing number if Walkers cleared, after 12 hits on Kentucky Farm, still have 21 Walkers left to kill out of 300


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