Fix the territories


Now that they are apart of leagues please do something to stop the constant crashing
Keep losing trophies and energy


I have noticed the crashing in territories getting worse since Leagues came out, before would often crash at end of fights and could not add a team, and have to wait 5minutes for game to notice noones attacking spot before i can attack again. Now, still get that, but also Half the time Crashing as soon as i hit the attack this territory button, and losing the energy… and it does this about 5times or more in a row… so yes like the guy above said your losing alot of trophies and energy.

I dont expect a fix, as people been begging for them to fix this features constant bugs since it came out. but apparently they dont look back, even if the feature doesnt work anymore they will never look back just forward new features to distract you from the broken ones. bet people would spend more money on refills if they knew said refill would actualy get them 10 attacks and not maybe 4 attacks and 6 crashes


Every update territories get worse and worse, no exaggeration.


For the love of god hasn’t it gone in long enough? Please for our sanity fix the damn territories! Why is it so hard? Why is it taking sooooo long?


They need to remove territories from league score. It’s more of a chore than ever before. And holy walkers. Stupid.


I was just doing an attack in territories when my game crashed and rebooted a message came up saying that I fled the attack even though I had killed all the enemies toon and won the battle


In game support had an interesting perspective on this matter


Lmao that’s hilarious


Haha perfect


Send it


Yeah this hás become a real big problem cant hit any twice without it crashing and whenever my yeam geys killed the game reset :frowning:


In my region, territories kicks you from the game. But since leagues, it’s a walker wasteland. Everytime someone takes an area, it gets walkered within and hour or 2. Such a huge pain in the arse.


Reason why I quit putting teams in territories. It’s not worth it anymore cause once the shield goes down it gets attack. The only factions that have been able to keep their territories most of the times is top 3 factions but the top 3 factions do attack each other too


I did, but I had to cap it before I sent it


So we just grabbed cattle farm and added a 6* team to it. And it gets kicked out while shielded? Tf


It’s just getting worse


Territories is trash and someone needs to take it out because it’s stinking up the rest of the game even more than usual.


Just crashed again
When it restarted told me my team fled
Total bs


At this point I have to wonder if they even know how to fix it. Then again, how long did the armory exploit go on for. Priorities aren’t on the important stuff that’s for sure.


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