Fix the territories bugs.

Fix the territories bug, when you try to attack occupied territorie, you get booted… And then tou have to wait till combat time end to attack again… Its realy annoyng

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If you can send in text format the following information, it will give the devs something useful to help track this down:

In Game Name:
Short description of the issue:
exact time of the issue, including AM/PM and time zone:


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Why would any of this help?

Just a hunch, but I’m guessing they’ve added more verbose logging to territories after the last fixes didn’t work. However, there’s a tradeoff - too much data to look at everything. When provided with the exact log to look at and the exact time to focus on, they get to the relevant information much more quickly.

Looks like we will not get a fix then

If we can provide useful information that helps pinpoint the error, a fix is much more likely. If we just continue to post ‘territories are broken, fix them!’, then they waste a lot of time that could be spent implementing a fix.

They already know what the problem is

This problem occurs everywhere. I would guess the booting is due to the argument based system in place to manager the territories and if there is another attack happening it resets. I would guess this system is the same as what is used for towers as the problem appeared same time as the tower lag issue was addressed.

In addition if a territory has one team as a defense aka 6000 HP and two teams attack at the same time. Regardless of applying a defense team(s) it will end up going to walkers and not be contested.

If there is a delay between attacks then the game tells you it is busy.

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new crates coming out, 1 percent chance of fixing territories bug

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war dogs
ben hill
attack war dogs, after 4 attacks, the game resets every time after the first attack
8.22am Australia eastern standard time

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