Fix the raid results for when you are raided



How do the raid results keep getting broken? No way to tell if our defense is proper or complete garbage if everything says they 5 manned it with full health…fix it please @JB.Scopely


I agree with that


Scopely wants you to think its shit so yo will buy another jesus… Hence the new offer for 255 bucks.


Is that what happens? Found it odd people kept losing with full health


At least it helps all these hackers running super high damage exploits and winning in one round from being discovered :+1:



Thanks for the heads up.

It is a known issue that appeared with the former 14.x release.
It currently sits in our backlog, to be ironed out in an upcoming update.

Thanks for bearing with us on this one.


When is the updating will be launching?


It’s coming soon :+1:


Thanks ( 7 chars )


Backlog in AgileSpeak means they aren’t working on it. It only means they haven’t forgot about it. “Soon” is unlikely. It could sit forever in the backlog.


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