Fix the game, for us but more importantly yourselves

Shut it down 24 hours 48 hours whatever but you guys obviously have major issues going on that need addressed and fixed.

Rolling out 5* weapons with all these issues would be a mistake.

Its to the point everything is crashing or everything is bugged. The techs or whoever is in control of this stuff has to be going crazy right now.

Most players would sacrifice a day or 2 for you to get your act together and fix the game because it’s becoming a nightmare to do anything basic and honestly right now I don’t wanna use anything or do anything because you guys in support will then blame us for the issue.

Please fix the game just take an entire day shut it down and fix it. None of your other games as long as my info is correct aren’t having issues like RTS.


Oof gov has spoken :wink:

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Pls dont shut down, rts is ny daily doze of ocd self medication xD


Fixing the game is definitely something they need to do. Shutting down the game will never happen. They definitely need to stop adding stuff too.


Shut it down if need be just keep my login streak intact lol

This is said EVERYtime they roll out ANYthing new and guess what step they always skimp on… BETA testing…

We really need an active screwup tracker

In hopes to celebrate their successes when/if they do occur.

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It certainly would be nice if they fixed the broken mechanics of the game before adding new things. Will it happen? Prob not.

Just kill this damn game and be done with it. You have no idea how the lives of many people will be made easier.

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Wow, im agreeing with gov?!

This has definitely been worrying though, can’t go a day without a new bug. Ppl cant play arenas, which is tied to league… toons we’ve paid or grinded for arent working properly. Bags are seemingly bugged more often than not, meaning we can’t farm gear. Inability to add new collections to the museum, which is one of main avenues for SClass collection items.

You guys have no business introducing a new armoury update until these and many more are fixed. At this point I’m not even sure a WoC should be in the works considering how bad its gotten.

Agreed and improve all the other events is just as good if not better than adding new ones such as improving rewards onslaught being a good example of improvements of old events

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I like looking at furry art.

An entire day to fix a game that’s been broke for 4 years? Holy shit I wish I had your optimism

And miss an entire day’s worth of revenue? Pfft!

Imagine they actually did that though. Just to come back to everyone complaining about losing their daily login streak and asking for compensation over the one day they didn’t get to farm or whatever. Lol

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