Fix the game damit



Can we stop adding shit no one wants? how about fixing game from crashing from anything first!


Minor issues? One of the two scoring methods for Leagues constantly
Crashes and the main complaint in game is the state of the territories


2 of non event scoring


could not care this shit will hurt new mode coming aswell

its been 2 years its been like this always from 6.0


its just not territories that is crashing


Crashes after territory attacks and tower attacks make me think the servers dont handle multiple data packages at pretty much the exact same time very well. Would appreciate some kind of communication regarding the crashes and whether or not it is indeed server sided.


The game crashes whenever the client (your app) finds out that it is out of sync from the server.

Due to shitty code, territories do not update on your phone properly, resulting in your game getting out of sync.


Whatever the cause is, it can and should be fixed. Shame on Scopely for taking so awfully long to even realize it’s something on their side.


They’ve known it was their shitty code for a year o more now, from my understanding.

They just refuse to fix it. I believe their excuse is that it would cause incompatibility and people would be unable to login or some such.


Guys, it’s not the game it’s our “old weak devices” according to them. :smirk:

Good news is that they are “working” on it. Should have saved a screenshot of that chestnut.



Maybe they can buy us a new phone not that i need one and it be waste and no upgreade over oppo x


Yes my 1 year old phone is too old to be playing this 3 year old game. Hmm i’d Take fix the game over more repetitive new features. And leagues are not a step in the right direction. All leagues are doing is giving everyone a smidge closer to getting the gear they need instead of a farmable gear map.

I’d say it’s a step in the wrong direction unless you like waiting a week now to get 1 or 2 pieces of gear of your choice.


You missed the sarcasm I think. They have no solution that’s why they tried to blame it on our devices.


Git good phones…

New iPhone cheaper than a new carl


Can we not rant about anything but error CONTENT 2. Please. This issue is changing a lot for ppl. For example my faction 3rd in war, now 15th… half a faction can’t sign in


I keep getting crashes from pop up offers. Then there is confused revives rushing then hitting their team mate next turn. So that’s not a visual bug at all. Had shivas use their active skill 2 turns in a row. Non impaired Erika taking 5 turns to rush while opponents rush every other turn untouched. So basically the last update fixed nothing but unleased leagues on to an already weary player base that can’t even participate in one aspect of it cause it to is broken. #FIXTHEDAMNGAMEFIRST!!!


I don’t even know how much the “new content” sucks because I CAN’T GET IN TO THE GODDAMNED GAME. Fix error content 2 for fuck’s sake! I can’t war. I can’t manage my faction. All I can do is watch Line and NOT be useful or helpful to my faction or my region in any fucking way. That is a fucking problem. And it sure as shit isn’t my weak old S9+.


It’s not your devices I play on highly advanced computers like Batman and the game still crashes.


I was being sarcastic too. No way a 2017 phone should crash on a 2015 game. Maybe it’s my phone telling me to “Pack it in son. Mugs game…”