Fix S-class Kapoor please

So for a while when he kill people with 1500 main dmg … why you still can revive this tons where they been killed from him??? For example my Regina she makes 1600 main dmg but when she kills the tons cant be revive?
And also can you make available to upload videos please will help more than screenshots :slight_smile:


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Regina decapitates

Because Regina’s specialist skill is Decap and Kapoor’s is dexterity.

A single word called DECAPITATE mean something for you???

Regina is a decapitation toon so whenever she kills an enemy they can’t be brought back. Kapoor has dexterity as his specialist skill. So he is working correctly. Need to apply crosshairs and then use him or anyone else to kill, or you 100% heal reduction with another toon to do a temporary decap

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Go for Raulito (crosshairs) and pair Kapoor with him

Edit: didn’t know the op didn’t realize decap was a thing lol just figured he was complaining Kapoor wasn’t one

Your ability to read needs to be fixed op.


Like everyone else Kapoor is not a Decap toon, Regina is.

The only fixing Kapoor needs is to have heads in more events than just war.

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I’ve noticed something similar. When my Diego gets hit by an adrenaline rush from someone like Tobin for example, it doesn’t trigger payback :rage:


Okay thank you guys :slight_smile:

He is probably using a translation program…

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