Fix / Reduce search times

15 minutes… and counting.

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We’re still searching over here too. You’d think, with 8 regions playing at once, that there’d be plenty of factions available.


After seeing the can’t attack threads populating the boards, maybe a 20 minute wait isn’t so bad lol

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Exactly, it should be instant connect.

22 minutes in still searching…

22 minutes and 33 factions without a match… what a joke.

14 actually matched in PULASKI. The other 27 have been sitting and waiting the whole time.

War just started over 52 faction still searching only 8 been in wars plz check see anything wrong WTF going on

14 factions matched. 43 are still searching.

30 minutes still searching…

@SandySurvivor @kalishane

43 factions on the board and still haven’t matched after 30mins…

65 in my region and still waiting for a matchup

How many factions have matched in yalls regions?

Searching for 15mins already with 59 regions on the scoreboard. Wtf

I’m in Effingham, only a few fac’s have managed to get a match, most are still in waiting. Including us.

But they can sure ignore threads or merge them rather quickly.

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18 matched, all in the first 5 or so minutes and no one after that. 51 and counting on the board now.

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I hope this broken queue is the result of them restarting war with the CORRECT REWARDS @kalishane @agrajag

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stuck stuck stuck. fix your stuff please and thank you