Fix Raid Timers (Poll)

  • Extend/remove raid timers
  • Keep raids the way they are

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Everyone who wants raid timers to stay either has a timeout team or dreams of one day having a timeout team because without two shields and three revives time is never a factor.

It should be to the death. Timers in a single player mode makes absolutely no sense. While we’re at it remove them from faction assault too.


If it takes more than 5min its a waste of my time anyway shield or no shield


If you can’t defeat the opponent in 3m your camp would be burnt in war by the time you’re done.

Most teams are beatable in less than 10turns (and that’s very generous)


The timer is a part of the strategy. We used to bitch at how easy raids were. Now that there is an added element of difficulty, we want it removed


I rarely ever run out the timer. If i’m getting nowhere, I flee and move on. Why would anyone want to waste more than 5 minutes of their life trying to beat 1 team?


I agree with removing timer from FA. I do not agree with removing the timer from raids. Scopely won’t do it anyways


If you take the wrong team against double Erika, Magna, Hunter and Michonne all with full sets of gold mods then no amount of extra time will give you the win. I see guys using Carl lead against these teams and come here crying for timer to be increased cause them timed out lol.


Yeah, I didn’t say anything about war and I welcome anyone who wants to waste 10 min trying to beat some of my faction mates ridiculous defensive teams. Fewer points for them the better for us.


Because they are f2p and don’t have anything better to attack with for the most part. That’s on the big S for making every event toon garbage compared to what you get when you spend cash.


Fight till death or flee


While they at it also extend the fa timers


Wow its pretty even 53 to 47 seems to be a divided topic


During wars, if i am against time out team and made a mistake by losing a crucial toon or its taking me too long i simply flee. No point of being stuck on one enemy too long while i can beat a few or take a tower during that time.
During raids, part of my region drop their def, but i mostly just raid mira teams, theyre easy to auto with Ty.


The timer is just stupid. I’ve also seen some people get timed out as soon as they went in the raid or halfway through it. Without the timer I can’t see that happening anymore and would make those people able to raid and not worry about timing out randomly.


Sounds sweet, then all I have to do is use a second account, find myself in raids and then just never finish the fight and no one will ever be able to raid me.


Now they need to get rid of it so I can see you do this. :rofl:


I voted keep the timers. But I would like to see a change to the situation where you have all 5 team members at full health and bonus xp losing on time out when your opponent has one man standing on health dregs. That is not a defeat.


Please consider:

I think the timer should stay otherwise some battles can go forever causing other non-intended issues. Imagine someone locked in a battle with your team for hours. Sorta reminds me of the silly road maps we saw a few months back where it was forever per stage. I say fix broke stuff and leave working stuff be.


You don’t think I would? My PC is on 24/7, I would just use an emulator for a second account and let it sit in a battle with me. This idea isn’t well thought-out at all.