Fix pete for ffs

Its real old that folks feel need to spend the money they do on these toons but its massive that these pr toons come with bugs that save these setups.

Battling pete. Dual mias. Negan and priya … Actually lot easier than one would think except drumroll… Pete enjoys using his active every other rd and doesnt ever run out of active uses. I actually can beat this setup frequently if it wasnt for petes damn active healing all the time…

Anything to pamper these spenders smh

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Would be nice if Scopely made a weakness Strat each time they make a character instead of just showing whale teams.

Priyas daze will help immensely have you tried going for her collection?.. :joy:

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Easy just buy priya and daze him problem solved :slight_smile:

Ps- this solution was sponsored by scopely


Don’t you mean fix Pete for pete’s sake…


That’s working as intended lol. He has 20 uses and a 1 turn cool down. You aren’t asking for a fix you’re asking for a nerf and $copely isn’t going to


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