Fix or fire tapjoy

I completed an offer through tapjoy that said I needed to play lords mobile and get my castle up to level 11…after like three days of grinding on it, I got tired and spent like 10 bucks to get it done faster ($10 for 2762 coins seems like a good deal, right?).

So I finished it, waited in my walking dead game for a couple hours for the coins, constantly refreshing, getting a little anxious that nothing was happening and worrying that I spent $10 on nothing. Another few hours went by and I opened a dispute with Tapjoy support. They replied (with the automatic response) right away. I emailed them back with proof of me never having downloaded the game before, pictures of my castle at level 11, my account code, and my name in twdrts. Hoped for a quick response.

I have not heard anything from them in almost 2 weeks, and since then I have sent about three more emails to them asking for a response. Is tapjoy down? Is everyone on vacation? Can anyone help with this? Or is that money I spent completely gone? Any help would be greatly appreciated…

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Same here, I’ve been grinding for a while and I haven’t gotten it you’ll get used to it

I’ve been unable to download the app in my country (canada)…I was able to before! Not sure what changed though.

I believe it’s an apple thing.

scopely clearly receives payment from tapjoy
The problem is that we do not receive the coins

My issue still hasn’t been resolved either, not even a response back from Tapjoy, going on 5 weeks now I think.

crazy thing, when i do offers on android the coins do not show up there. i have to log into my IOS device to collect them.

Download the Tapjoy official app to see your statuses on offers :slight_smile: Really helps alot. Did you download the app through the link? If you didn’t you wont get your rewards as it has to be redirected from the offer screen.

I’m sure you will get your coins, can you check whether there is a time limit of whether you have claimed for another offer? They only give coins for the most recent offer that you clicked on for the same game.

Problemo it doesn’t seem to exist in Google play :frowning:

Sorry, forgot to add the link. Try this?

Thx you

Same for me I did the same offer spent 10 bucks to complete it and never received the coins and its been over 3 months, after numerous emails back and forth with tapjoy, there final email to me stated I will not be receiving the coins because I did not download the game thru tapjoy, which was BS, I had screenshots of everything, even the offer promo from tapjoy, so I contacted google to get my 10 bucks back and after explaining to them what happened they wouldn’t refund my money, tapjoy has screwed me out of thousands of coins

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