Fix my damn account + compensate


fix my damn account + compensate me and others with the same bug

6 days and you stil havent fixed my account

i have missed 6 events because of your bug i want my freaking account back and all the missed event milestones + end rewards + daily login,

@jb.scopely @Andrea_Scopely @Shawn.Scopely


I doubt JB would help you with that attitude lol
Did you use scopely support


sent 8 tickets


i dont have a attitude iam pissed off i bought 2 15euro google cards i used and stil they are to stupid to fix it or help


Just by the title of this thread i don’t think any devs will look at this, sometimes saying please can make things happen in your favor. I know you are pissed but this is not the way to ask for help.


iam no but kisser i pay to play and as a paying customer they need to provide service on there mistakes and the end of the day they get paid for there work


How many replys or topics do i need tot make before you fix my account @jb.scopely

you wel know support isnt helping,


Your post doesn’t have to be hostile you can make and plea many times in a nice way till you eventually get help. You are not the only one screwed here but the way you going you will be the only one that get helped last. If at all…


If CS was better & the way customers were treated in a timely manner with compensation, there would not be so much hostility directed at Scopely. Unfortunately, their track record speaks for itself & thusly ppl throw their manners & understanding out the window.
Directed hate & anger twords the Devs & other employees will not help the situation. They can only do what “Scopely” allows them to do. Bottom line is hate the company if you want, but don’t hate on the employees who in fact want to help but in most cases their hands are tied.


I have asked Nice no reaction, i have payed enough money in the game ,if if you go to any store what so ever and pay for your things and its broken you have to be helped in this case i have asked Nice no reaction what do they expect i wil Stay Nice while days go.s by in to weeks , its simple fix IT or buy me out , or its Just stealing what they do


They wont “buy you out”. Read the TOS terms.


They can’t steal what they already own.


Unfortunately, unlike a store where they have certain laws & rules to abide by, here in the realm of cyber gaming, they have all the cards, they don’t have to give anyone anything. Their recent updated TOS spells that out pure & simple. They own it, don’t owe anyone anything for any mishaps & you can’t take any action against them. In order to continue playing the game, you had to accept those TOS. Is it right?
personally I don’t think so, but if I want to play with my friends, that’s it right. Unless we find another game to play together.


They prob cant fix IT so i wil Just refund my money back from Google , thanks for 3 years playing etowah take care


There is one action you can take but it affects Google or Apple, not Scopely. Dispute charges with your credit card company as far back as they allow. That should be your last resort, though. Google doesn’t seem to want to provide refunds any more if it’s after 48 hours, regardles of the reason, but your credit card company will gladly claw that money back from them and give it back to you. If you didn’t use a credit card, you pretty much have no recourse.


I couldn’t agree more in any other industry they are accountable to making things right if it’s a mistake on there part but for some reason people seem to think it’s ok for scopely to just give u a copy paste answer and write u off hoping u will go away and forget about it and spend more money


Spelling counts kids.

Being polite and patient counts.

Grab a dictionary and thesaurus, outline exactly what the issue is and use please and thank you.

It’s amazing what happens when hostility is removed.


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