Fix matchmaking


I mean the 1 and 2 top factions in our region came in third and fourth cause we had about half the wars as other factions. It is pointless to keep searching when others factions get in more wars cause there team grades are better matched.



time to split the power house factions and make 4 mid power house factions. you’ll get double the matches then.


Problem solved.

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Until one becomes stronger than same problem.



both parties split but you keep the activity and dedication the same and you wont have a problem but the 3rd and 4th parties will get butthurt and probably join forces to lower their matchmaking then they’ll make another thread like this one.


It’s a never ending process. Forget i said anything.



Lol its fine



We had 7 more wins and 11 less losses and somehow came in second. We were queued the entire time. Some waits were over 45 minutes. Something has to be done. Only thing I can think of is use Scopelys algorithm for 10 minutes. If no match is found then automatically match the faction waiting the longest. Even bad factions would want to face a top faction than just sit there. This way nobody should wait longer than 15 minutes unless no factions are queued. We wait 45 minutes and other factions we have not faced are sitting there waiting like us. Makes no sense. We shouldnt suffer because your algorithm is crap.

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Amen preach



I feel they toy around with the algorithms in each region every war.

2 wars back we lost 3rd place and got 4th because the 3rd place faction was ranked #5 so they paired up with easier factions while we’re currently ranked #3 and paired with #1 and #2 religiously.

Last war we fared better and were paired more evenly with top 10 factions and not #1 and #2 like the war before.

I think war should be just fought for whoever you match up with. Even if it’s a #1 faction going up against a #20 faction. It just means more people get to war. The #20 faction probably won’t even care since they probably only get like 3 wars in and son’t communicate in FC anyways.



Our strongest player left our faction and joined another for the war period to see if it would help. It hasn’t :frowning:






He joined the third strongest faction to se if it would help even the power out. It reduced our power and increased theirs but still we aren’t matching any quicker.



It has been 1 cross war, 1 weekend war, and 4 blitz wars, and the matching hasn’t getting better. Fix it or remove it!



New blitz war, but matchmaking is taking 10, 15, 20 plus minutes each?

What gives?

Houston region.



Another outrageously unfair searching war!

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half hr waits for us, complete rubbish, both blitz wars, ques filling up quickly only to sit for 15 -30 mins

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