Fix gear depot in 3 easy steps!

I’ll admit that I was very skeptical of the whole gear depot. I thought it was a way to nerf food and gear. It actually does help with food (if you are willing to tap endlessly), but it is worthless when it comes to gear. The idea is solid, but the execution needs some work,

Here is how you can make the depot near perfect with just 3 easy fixes.

  1. Remove 10k food and replace it with 1 million food.

No one buys 10k food, and the 100k takes about 100 taps of your screen to fill up your food for a max level player. Save us some time and just make a 1mil food option,

  1. Make the price for gear reasonable.

I’m not sure who set the prices, but they pretty much guarantee no one will ever buy gear. I think double whatever we get when we sell that item would be very fair. If we receive 750 gear markers for selling a briefcase, then it should cost 1500 to buy one. That would be fair and reasonable.

  1. Increase the amount available for each item.

To be honest, you could probably have unlimited of each item. Why would it matter if some bought 50 camp stoves? If they are willing to sell other items to get it, let them. At the very least, it should be at least 6 of each item available. Of course if you don’t fix the prices, it won’t matter.

If you did all three of these, people would be dancing in the aisles and actually using the depot as intended. Hopefully you will consider it.


Instead of changing the food amounts, I’d rather just have an arrow like selling items has. Make getting 1 mill food easier, and keeps the 10k food.


Yea at least make it so you can buy 3 of each gear. I have 87 scopes and 2 night vision goggles because every character I’m trying to level is a damn hunter… dwight, ty, 2 shivas and 2 gov’s.

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