Fix for league territories madness


League points changed the incentives in territories.

Now, there is incentive to attack territories but much less incentive to hold smaller territories.

Change the league scoring in territories from solo to faction league points, and increase the point values appropriately.

The bigger change would be that the faction points are not awarded after a battle. Territories would each get a point bank. When factions attack a territory, their points would go into a temp bank.

The points from the faction who wins the territory would get added to the point bank for the territory. 2% of the points from the territory bank would get awarded to the holding faction each hour. This would help encourage factions to stop abandoning territories.

One interesting angle to this change could be for the territory banks to be stealable.

For solo points, maybe award them for successful defenses.


Or you could make it so attacking gives nothing but every hour you hold onto a spot grants solo and faction trophies.

This way you encourage people to try and hold onto spots and not send them to walkers.


Love this idea, but then we would have a 100 post crying about the top faction putting war defense every where, hope they do this personally


That’d be an option too but I thought either… it would return territories back to being pretty static with attacks and changes not happening much, or it would add even further imbalance to the game by giving much tinier rewards to the smaller factions.


Those of us who had deep rosters would already do this as I’m sure everyone else did as well. Either way, it still beats having the entire map walkered and people now are arguing anyway.

Again it still beats seeing the entire map white with no one getting any of the benefits be it a small, med, or large faction. Make the rewards equal for every spot. Say 50 or 25 of each trophy for every hour held.

This seems to me the fair thing to do with the only other option being to remove trophies altogether. Having them earned on an attack is obviously not working for anyone.


It’s not that people are purposefully sending territories to walkers. They are only allowed to have three defending teams. With everyone having 10 fuel, there is more room for attacking than there are available teams to hit or place. We need to double the amount of defending teams allowed. 6 teams, maintaining the current max 3 per territory, would allow for people to place enough teams down for other people to utilize their 10 fuel. There is just simply more capability to attack than there are available defending teams.


Jusf disable territory trophies altogether. This aspect of the game is not PVP at all.


This is a better idea than OP’s


Territory points:
Attack = + set points A
Add defense to a non owned territory = set points B
Add defense to an owned territory = + set points C
If you remove a team from Def of non owned territory = - set points B
If you remove a team from Def of owned = - set points C

That way, everyone would want to put Def in and not take out

Your daily run could be:

Hit any territory 3x, put in 3 Def…
3A + 3B
Attack 7 more times, 7*A


If your territory is under attack, refreshing your teams non stop…

Example points

Promote putting defense in already owned territories.

Add bonus to B only if territory gets taken while team is in and it helps keep it from going stale.

Removing points for defense taken out any time helps keep the teams low and in constant refresh. You only keep points if it gets attacked and knocked out.

So now you have either a choice to attack and stack, hope you win the territory and get a bonus only after you win it, or go defend your own territory and attack others.


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