Fix Burn on romanov after uodate [logged]


After I did update, the Romanov adrenaline rush no longer applies burn to adjacent enemies if original target dies. Why??? Fix this please!!!


Issue found and a bug has been logged. Thanks.


Would it be possible to change blue romanov rush from bleed to burn? Even if its just one turn like his bleed.


Will ping @Agrajag


if they did this then they would have 2 romanov’s with same ar only difference would be one is red and one is blue.kind of defeats the point of having 2 different ones yes?


What? Don’t think I understand What you are saying. Red Romanov does more damage then blue and his Burn last for 3 turns. While blue romanov is a bleed for one turn. I just simple rather blue romanov do burn instead of bleed since its a actual flame tower coming out and it can be for one turn idc.


i see your point since they both have the flame thrower so yes they should change one or both even just the weapons would work like could make blue have burn and red be idk reflect damage or something and change his weapon to something better suited for him


Better idea make a 6* blue romanov rush can be burn and lead skill all ranged 40atk and a huge bonus to ap on atk
Also his rush as 6* could be phosphoristic Demise
Tbh scorched earth is damm cool rush name


The same issue is happening with 6 star Yumiko, just wanted to make sure you were aware of this too. @CombatDevIl


Yep, this issue should affect all Burn ARs