Fix armory ! Crit failed after failed

After update with 5* weapons, crafting is a joke!
In last few days i had 6 failed crit crafts ( two with blowtorches )
I use crit territories and items like pk or varnish.
And im not saying about „give me focused stun etc”
Just crit, it wasnt like that before this update.
Now its just waste of parts, items etc.

@GR.Scopely please tell „the team” that they need to look at this, im sure im not the only one with this :confused:

Edit: same problem with upgrading basic stats. Still regular success, not single crit after update…



Crit chance was 80% now it’s 65%. And that’s only on paper.

Who knows what’s the real chance.

That’s why we need to pass regulation that all games must reveal real stats.

If it failed that means it’s working as designed.

I think that’s just confirmation bias at work. When you feel something is going wrong, you pick up on it more. I’ve had mixed success in the past 6-7 crafts. Got rampage for blue my 2nd shot, hit huge bonus for harper, but I’ve also failed to increase the def perfectly.

No feature in a game should be completely RNG. There should be a set amount of fails before you acquire the craft you want.

The problem with scopely’s rng is it’s not actually rng lol. Different accounts different odds

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