Fix arenas scoring

Fix the arena scoring already. Seriously it’s terrible. I just did 2 runs through the 5 star arena, I picked the 5 highest scoring targets available, ran them from lowest to highest, beat all 5 opponents with all 5 team members alive, and ranked 23 with a score if 33,600. 1st place has 36,600. How is at all fair that this entire game mode is based on RNG of which opponents you pull. And then to have the nerve to award vet rings but “sorry you can’t get any because even though you killed it In the event, you were unlucky and pulled lower scoring opponents”


Styill saying this is the solutiuon to arena

  • combat against another pool of players
  • all get the same 60 opponents to choose between
  • count in turns in the scoring point model
  • big rewards for defence so people dont drop losing teams

You think that’s bad…check out these scores!!

You just gotta keep entering until you find that guy.

Yep arenas same.people get the highest scores.each single.time
2weeks.ago it was random now.its the.same.people.over and over lost all interest in arena.s


Same scenario as you except I got 29k, and leader is on 49k! How the hell do you score 49K in platinum, in a domination entry.

You just have to find an s15++ dude, gives 30k points

Even on Old Skool 5* there is a s15++?

Depends on your league, I’ve seen one in platinum, it’s based on maximum team grade

Regardless it should not be RNG with who pulls what enemies. It should be fair for everyone.


I agree the RNG absolutely has to be taken away from the equation.

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Are you suggesting a skill based game?

There’s no appetite for that here.
Move along.


Fair enough I’ll take my logic and reasoning somewhere else where its appreciated lol

And your Carney-hating, hippie-dippy, Free-for-all attitude elsewhere.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a couple children I need to roll a dice to see who gets fed.

It’s a money grab plain and simple. People have been asking since it came out to fix the way scores are laid out. Per usual scopley does nothing. Keep Surviving…

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Even in old skool arena…saw a team that offered 32k points

My 5 stars had to fight s-class, that was fun lmao.

The way scopely works
X365 24\7
Write apology, give out smelling salts, pick community reps, rinse repeat.

Try being that 30k guy and trying to win. He cant face himself… talk about unfair.

Well with a s15++ team he should not be in platinum js. Probably he is there cause he thought he could snap easy rewards… so shame on him!