Fix araav plz 15 char

Rush Never reset . No kill he have to reset no? Fix ut game

A lot play with that usebug

I don’t understand. Can you send video?

What is the support email again?

Opened the platinum mod box from SC ice pick collection, selected attack set and got this

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I dunno, looks like a sweet mod. :wink:

The best way to contact support is in game, so the ticket is automatically associated with your account. Menu, options, support.

If you can’t open a ticket that way, you can open one from the website. Https://

Remember, your ticket will not automatically be associated with your account, so you will need to provide enough information to them to find your account. Account code is best, but in game name, region, and faction should be sufficient.

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Ouch :sweat:

guys what is the meaning of “15 char” ive seen it so many times but dont understand what it means in this forums

Topic Titles need 15 characters to be eligible for uploading. They just use it as a buffer if the title won’t need more 15.

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No kill, his rush stays as it was, just like any other character.

@LadyGeek I think he simply means why his AR never goes down after use or after he attacks, especially when it wasn’t a kill.

Sounds like he was normalised

It part of his rush after every rush he gains 100% ap to himself meaning he can rush repeatedly.

Normalize wouldn’t affect his rush.

Impair would.

But we’re all just guessing what he means.

no reset makes it sound like he wasn’t getting an extra turn or something. But who knows

It seems its harder to guess what he means than what he is asking. :smiley:

If you mean that his rush AP doesn’t go back to zero after rushing but not killing the enemy, he’s not broken.

When he rushes he gains 100% AP. He doesn’t have to kill the enemy to get this.

It’s his follow-up specialist skill that only works if he kills the enemy (unless normalised).

But once activated his rush AP will not decrease unless he is affected by AP down from a weapon/AS/AR.


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