Fix all the GEAR MAPS!

Why is Ultra Rare gear maps stages 3 and 4 no longer dropping gear crates?

Bad enough that Shirts and Gloves map has been nerfed, and now making this Ultra Rare map un-farmable too?


Just noticed the same. No drops ran last stage 2 more times and nada.


WTF!! Come on guys, stop with this ###

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I just had a rant about this in the pc recap thread.

It’s ridiculous. I used to farm this map numerous times every week. I’m in desperate need of bags and radios with loads of 5 and 6*s I can’t continue levelling.

All these new roadmap updates suck ass. They need to change them back.


Fix the whole damn game would be nice


This was just changed. I probably dropped 10 cans facing it last week. This is total bullshit

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This is honestly different kind of greed. First they take away gloves and shirts, which was totally absurd they thought of such a little but important thing to take away from their player base and now this. One makes wonder if they were planning this nerf while updating the maps and only processing now so we somehow wouldn’t notice?

I don’t think it was deliberate, I think they reduced the stages to one wave and didn’t consider that more waves equal drops, because they don’t understand how their game works.

But the fact they haven’t done anything about it or even commented on it is annoying. Surely it can’t be that difficult to just run the old maps instead?

I’m all for them improving the roadmaps, but not at the expense of being able to farm them.


I was ganna post about this too, They need to bring back the way way old farmable gear where u can specifically choose which gear u can farm… Im actually running out more of 4* and 5* toons gear than 6* toons gear. Plus medals


Scopely, you win. I will now open my wallet to buy gears.


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VK/Discord Notifier:
@Thanks to player reports, we can confirm we currently have an issue with incorrect drop rates for the Elite Rare Gear, Ultra Rare Gear & Ultimate Gear Roadmaps. We want to apologize for the inconvenience and we will be looking into providing a compensation to all our players closer to the resolution of the issue. We are hoping to have this issue fully resolved by Monday. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Ok good. Atleast acknowledged and promised to set right.
But the bigger question is why so many mistakes are creeping in and that too so regularly? Aren’t there enough internal checks and balances?


The roadmap that gives survivors/trainers at the end of the week has had the energy increased to from 3to4 and 4to5 take take take😔

Yeah ive been asking about it in parker’s thread for some time. Need that walkie talky. It ridiculous that they only sold 2 of them every week. And look at how bad we need it. We need it to level 5* toons, 6* toons. Does s class also need it i forgot. And we also need it to upgrade toons with rings

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any acknowledgement on the shirts/gloves roadmap? I haven’t seen that 70 coin gear crate in weeks

Shirts Gloves map still broken 3rd week now. How long does it take to fix your game?

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I usually farm about 300 gloves/shirts A week to last me till the next gear map With this bs my trainer camps are nearly empty and I’ve got fk all to lvl with :confused:

I’m running out of things to burn cans on😉 Scopley

another week, another disappoint from the genius’s at scopely. I should point out that I also have not seen the glove/shirt crate in the store for weeks.

If you are trying to get me to buy trainers, the jokes on you, ill keep trying to find ways to increase your cloud system costs.


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