Five star dupes


Up until now, I have only been using dupes to ascend toons… you know, just in case they actually ascend all the five stars. I’m starting to give up hope and might just use all the toons that aren’t on that early 2018 list. At this rate, we will never see any other toons ascended. Have you guys been using five stars that aren’t on that list or are you still being patient?



Patient is the key :slight_smile:



waiting for now but i have quite a big roster so i did not have to but people are running out of toons and patience. I totally understand the logic behind that but if you can wait, do wait before you ll make a decions you will regret. All shame goes to scopely here that they do not provide enough benedicts and/or 4->5 ascension since we can’t level up our 4s consistently. Only exception would be game changer toons like a lead skill toon like Carl or a good premiere like Erika because they ll boost your team asap and you won’t regret your decision since you benefit that decision hugely.



yes you can but you need to level them aswell where things get stuck once you are out of already leveled 4s which only older players have stocked. 4->5 ascension is not a good option currently.



lucky for you with consistent YGL then and i guess you are coining it aswell considering it takes time to complete and did not calculate how much will it take 1 4* to max. not to mention the between level ups? we are constantly having level ups and ygl is busy with 5s and 6s and no room for 4s in my situation.