Fitting Lori into my team

This is my current team and I was wondering how I could fit Lori in to it. I’ve tried but can’t seem to work it out.

I’d ditch glenn. He doesnt synergize with your other toons, and lori will do more damage being a 6*.


Ok I’ll try that for a bit

I’d also switch Gov with Rick, his lead bonus is much more interesting than the gov.
And switch Glenn by Lori as mentionned by @Locked-Away

Do you have another healer, preferably a 5* melee healer (even better if they’re Fast trait - even shudder Oberson would work!), if so I might be tempted to drop Gov altogether, lead with Rick, replace Glenn with said melee healer and replace Governor with Lori.

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Well Govs weapon does give all teammates bonus AP so i would keep him with rick lead and switch glenn with lori.

With Rick as lead. Do you have a command toon?

Not a 5 star but I don’t use command that much.

Yeah but they aren’t levelled I’ll get on that

I’ll try that out too