First week’s rewards for Faction support?

no please dont launch them, launch kenny 6* is better choice


I am answering like this because people are demanding an answer and I don’t have a different update yet.

You’re right, we could just say it won’t happen – but that’s not true as of yet. We’re still looking into it.


Boy those necklaces would have been awesome to have for level up tourney…


While I understand that the new feature is high profile internally, please don’t let BAU slip. The faction supporter leaderboards are a mess, rewards have been partially handed out from what I understand, CRW scores haven’t been posted - all relatively mechanical BAU stuff.

Not if no one plays.

Cool new features (I don’t care if they launch or not, but scopely like them) are only profitable if they give you an edge over other players. That requires at least one motivated competitor and a pool of “others”, preferably also competitors

Still nothing.
How many hours has it been so far?

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@kalishane literally no one asked for combat mods and u are rushing it for some reason. 95% of the players asked for region merging and you are doing nothing regarding thatEldfH1VJdbrwY


if they can’t merge wonder if we could get a free for all war Just sign random people for war at anytime. Sort of like crw


Merging regions is a bandage solution at this point. Even the active regions have limited activity.

Get new players interested. A business can make income off one or two major sources as long as the major sour e income keeps rolling in. Currently major customers are leaving as I am told. So need to diversify. Take on new lesser clients to make ends meet.

Revamp rewards in all events to give new players more. Not more 5* tokens and elite trainers but rewards they can use. Stock them up with reasonable milestones for 4* tokens and the likes.

Balance out wars and raiding so low level players feel like they have a chance in doing something other then dieing and high level players do not get board on auto attacking.

Expand the base to give old players something new to complain about. And make more story maps. Hard mode is a cool idea but it’s just another road map. Yadda yadda

Getting new players interested may be fine, but the old ones leave as hell

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And why are they leaving? Asking for mergers. Complaining about wars. Etc.

Scopee has done their part recently to encourage players to log in and give events that grow over time. The old player base should be content as much as they can be.

Very rarely can you solve all issues at once but what you can do is address issues and attempt to fix one at a time.

Sorry but the topic title is a little bit explicit.
I add another questions : now i didn’t receive rewards off week#1 , if i’ll leave my faction in an hour , do i’ll miss them or not? @kalishane

Im “speaking” to everyone not just her. But as you said,shes the messenger so she can forward my opinion to devs :slight_smile:


So @kalishane in the future just skip asking us for our opinions on things obviously it doesn’t matter there’s no way you could legit say you found anywhere near as much positive feedback as negative on these mods. Stop wasting our time with feedback threads


Thought this was a necklace thread? Lol. Where are the necklaces? I scrolled thru but must have missed an actual answer?

Mods are dumb. We want our necklaces. And better rewards in general. Region merging. Long hold territory collection button. Food in scavenger missions not wood (does anyone even send out 5 day missions for just wood???).

But above anything else the option to turn off the damn materials storage is full button. :astonished: that would improve my mood daily.


i don’t mind the mods… but mergers should have a higher priority imo… who is gonna whale the mods if all the p2w jump ship from an entire year of token-apocalypse… in only 2-3 months we will have the anniversary of the 6*s which brought forth the Token Horror prizes… many of our whales(and regular players) are bored as hell… and crw isn’t making them happy… need crw toons… need region war toons. need raid toons back… shiny awards not matter how weak, will keep it coming…

Scopely, when are you giving out those necklaces? It’s been 72 hours almost

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About 66. And scroll down to one of the other 50 threads about this.

Probably something shiny to keep our eyes looking the other way