First week’s rewards for Faction support?

Has anyone received the rewards for the first week of Faction Support?

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No, still waiting here for it in Jefferson

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Could be up to 72 hours from today, relax. Not like it ends tomorrow


But at the end of week 3 that means we might get the necklaces just as the museum offers expire.

Surely scopely would avoid such a kerfuffle… this time?

I still ha ent gotten rewards anyone else or just me?

Says 72 hours

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Why you ask questions that already have answered posted? Just curious

Lol, true. And not often do we wait the whole time

I remember the event similar to this that was the whole region killing walkers and levelling and stuff like that, the one with 4* Maggie. I forget the name of the event but I remember they took days to send out rewards.

We’re working hard on the launch of Combat Mods amongst other things!
Will jump in as we can. :slight_smile:


Speak of the devil! ( not that Shane is in anyway the devil ) :smile:

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Any news on combat mods launch within the month?

We’re aiming for within the month but – sometimes issues arise and dates get pushed.

We will keep you posted!


It just came to me, it was the call to arms event I was thinking of.

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I understand your feedback. Just updating you.

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I hear you Karnej.

We are currently at the same status we were the last time I updated you. We’re still investigating a way to help. Nothing is concrete yet and I will continue to keep you updated when I know more.

The only reason I haven’t responded is because we’re still looking into it – but no real update just yet.

I’m sorry I couldn’t update you with more yet.


What is there to investigate.

Take three least active regions and smash them together.

Then next month do it again.

Then the next month do it again.

Up until you hit reasonable activity level. Somewhere around 10-12 engaged factions.

And tie it to a moderate reward Rebalancing focusing on milestones and individual growth supplement with faction placement and viola the game lives on.


That response is exactly the problem, an overwhelming majority of players on the forums are against combat mods and that’s where vital resources are going instead of fixing everything else the players are asking for.


Ha, there’s no way they will tell us that. But we all know there won’t be a merge. They just keep on allocating their resources to put out new content that we will still spend on stick in these dead regions.

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