First time in two years I’m not in top 100


Good job on ruining level up Scopely. It’s the first time in two years that I’m not in top 100 of Candler, or hit even the first milestone. There is zero reason as to why I should even try, and I have consistently given it my best so far, even won a couple of times.

Do you even want us to play?


I definitely know a lot of prizes in the past for top 100 was not worth the resources, so if you have kept the pattern of being in top 100 simply for pride, you’d definitely run out of resources.

With all of the LUs recently, hitting top 500 is very easy and enough, especially when the prize is a decent amount ~2.5k 5* tokens.


The great thing about being in a small, closed and dead region, is the fact that you can put up 3k points and still be in the top 100. Always guaranteed some sort of prize haha


Maybe I’m just a good farmer :smile:. Can’t remember when I had less than 2k toons Coke’s last, just in case.

Going too 10 and resources dry fast, too 100 usually not too hard in Candler.