First s class sold for $100

Really shows you that scopley knows this toon would only be useful with a stun sword which is based on rng


Even with a stun sword he’s garbage to folks willing to drop that much on him. Anyone who could actually use him and will spend would be better off spending their money on current better a classes (95% of them) or waiting until the next promo, in like 48 hours.


Why spend when you can get him for free? It’s merely there for people who are impatient.


The better question is why are so many buffoons still spending on anything Scopely puts out?


Not first s class to be outright sold, Sheila was. Besides shards have been purchasable for a while now, just a question of how much you’re willing to spend. Not to mention paying for 1st place in a level up for example.

Such offers are also called money laundering! :shushing_face: