First place rewards messed up

Just noticed the choice box is bugged for 1st place in SR


Ooooh a replenish can. That’ll save 250 food and 3 clicks (including the skip).

Ooooh. I’m incentivised.

running counter of goof ups, starting today

  1. 23 September, someone forgot to press the go button for faction sr
  2. 23 september , calendar says faction sr, solo sr deployed
  3. 23 September, 2 and 3rd gets 82k 4 star weapons as reward
  4. 23 September, issues discovered shortly before faction sr event causing it to be changed to solo sr event
  5. 23 September, 1 st place gets a soda can

@LadyGeek, what’s your excuse for them this time?


What the hell. I just finished the road spending cans for the 1000 cones and now this. Fix this Scopely

Personally i would love 80k plus 4* weapons … thats 12 million depot points lmao

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Fix them rewards, will ya?

It was 1k cones then it changed🤷🏼‍♂️

ladygeek is independent of scopely and is only a leader of the forum, she us not tied to scipely and has no answers to questions about the game

sure she answers most questions, and seems to know more than the two community managers, but she is definitely not tied to scipely although she defends scipely with her life but no not any employee


Please fix again, this is silly.

Oh damn I don’t know which 2 NOT to pick cause I want them all!

Yeah it’s shocking to see someone support them despite all that they do. It’s all to protect that little leader badge on the forums I think

I use to be a fire warden at work
loved the power of blessing people around
but then after terrible training, terrible evacuations, lack of testing, I walked away, didn’t want to be associated with suck terrible practices

kinda likes this, why would you want to associate yourself to these guys when you get no benefit? like gr and jb get paid for getting hammered in these forums, why would ladygeek not just walk away, don’t get paid to put up with nobodies like me, cause they love the game? helping the little peiple? get fleeced in money cause they are in the wrong bucket?

Why do I have to justify what I do with my time? Do I tag people several times a day asking them why they waste their time?

I’ll just keep this with my copypasta.


Lol lol lol lol… now everybody is gonna fight for first!

Goddamnit scopely you shitting on yourself. Clean yourself :c

Hope everyone knows they do this on purpose :man_shrugging: not like rts players will do anything unlike star trek players :smirk:

What’s happening at Star Trek anything good captain

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Yea was a twitter post about how awesome they are over there, should check it out, community really comes together and acts instead of talks unlike rts

@GR.Scopely solve this please