First legendary character to ascend?


Hey everyone, I’m at a crossroads trying to out who to ascend first. I only got enough materials to do one and really didn’t want to waste it.
My choices are

Fast Negan ( which seems like he actually gets worse)

I’m leaning toward Wyatt but I love that taunt 3 on his 5 star version. Is it even worth ascending any of that lot?


depends on who your lead is…none of them are truly outstanding but if I had to pick, I would choose wyatt or Yumiko


My lead is Negan for raids
Shane for farming


Hey wait a minute Saitama…

Lol, out of those 5 that you could possibly ascend, Wyatt is definitely one that can stand alone. Coincidentally, if you do ascend more out of those 5, he’s one that could pair up better with the rest.


Lol, it’s nice to see a familiar face

Yeah other than losing the taunt in the ar he seems like a solid upgrade.


To keep a long breakdown short, I would rank them,

  1. (Tied) Vincent and Shane. Obviously for leader skill.
  2. Negan. Evasion was a bitch to deal with even as a T1. Rush didn’t help.
  3. Wyatt.
  4. Yumiko.


Are you ranking them from worst to best? Cause Shane and fast Negan are terrible.

I would choose Yumiko, Wyatt, Vincent but it depends on who else is on the team.


I’d say it depends on your team and who your going to back them up with. Because I’ve seen teams that have a 6* Mirabelle lead on a team of Melee toons.


If your going for pure attack then Yumiko she’s deadly specially her 400 burn definitely yumiko first then after Wyatt


That’s been my main team as of late. Javier is there for the big hit and at least a little healing. I plan on subbing Shane for Tripp as soon as I finish off his AR


Go with wyatt!!


Shane is almost universally considered the worst 6 star.


Wyatt would be your best bet imo.


Speaking from the standpoint as someone who doesn’t have much to go on in this game, I’d like to have someone with a leader skill as my first legendary. Of course, I don’t have Shane or Vincent yet so being a basic, Mirabelle over Wyatt. And like I said @Katolo, I had to deal that Negan and he was a pain.


II would pick someone with a leader skill first. Vincent is pretty hot amongst my faction mates who run melee & never got their hands on Carl.


I don’t have Carl and right now I’m running Vincent lead. He’s better than I thought he would be. Right now only using him on defense team.


Go with Vincent, since you don’t have Carl. You’ll need him for leader skill and you can run your melee team behind him for now.


Thanks everyone, I’ll take up Vincent for now and Wyatt next whenever I manage to dig up another 200 gold medals.