First human shield 6*


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He’s just not special at all that stuff a huge kerf con scopes improve da rush 85P is good but he needs to do something worthwhile when he rushes because otherwise its a turn wasted

ehh, Green shields are mostly garbage.

He‘s gonna be confused and probably killed last on autoplay.
Koa won‘t make any difference.
RIP first human 6* shield!


Too many counters for shields nowadays. Now you have to have an actual defense lineup over the old “put a shield behind healer” comp back then.

carl leader, weapon full vit def and 35% def, koa will be a fucking paraplegic hulk

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He won’t go off if you confuse him. Or stun him. Lol

most of the active cure alterate states for example stun and confusion

He’ll be a joke, don’t count on cleanses for all things people can throw at him. Single hardest hitting red released to everyone this week then a green shield promo. He’s a green player money making machine.

Guys the point of a human shield is to protect the teammates for a turn or 2 so that the real punishment is not disturbed in the first turn or 2…

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I definitely know that if one person decides to ascend him and put him on a Carl team, I’ll have zero chance of taking him down.


Its not about what u can do to koa…sure stun him, confuse him, taunt him, and if you can manage then kill him but unlike other five star shields you wont kill him in the first turn and all Glenn needs is turn two just to let a shiva or a Maggie to go off then its your team start to get locked up and then koa will likely still be alive giving if you set him up properly and the team…

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Don’t get me wrong he is not pure amazing but he will very likely cause problems with the right team.


i think he’s alright…

But he could have erika stats and maybe be better off with higher HP then def

I see a few still using Lee and Carl, with some success. Same principle but with higher stats.

Wonder if they’ll take into account that his active skill should be very low priority if he’s to be effective.

those of us who have been in the game for a long time know how the scopely business strategy works

First step: to let you create your cute team under a certain cost obviously
Second step: show you that is missing something to that team 6 * that you had before
Third step: make you pray for a human shield
Fourth step: sell a human shield.
Fifth step: sell a cute counter


I mean that Jesus I feel should have double attack instead of that stupid impair on a red but other then that gov hits hard enough and would do a better job even if he doesn’t get the kill least he put the impair on the other teammates.

Yellow michonne is better than that little shit.

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She is a 50/50 chance of being good only because of AD while koa can take the beatings and would 100% for sure stay longer then chonne.

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How good he is will depend what region he is in… in my established region there are enough red six stars that he won’t be that troublesome… in my brand spanking new region where factions are clamouring for level 15 players, he will be an unstoppable beast for anyone who pulls him in six star form.

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